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Respawn Entertainment earlier today released not one but two new patch update for its popular battle royal game Apex Legends. The first one is a client patch update for PC only and the second one is server level patch update which is now available for all platform including, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new PC only Client Patch according to the patch notes addresses a few issues including, Datacenter improvements to make the list easier to understand and use. On the other hand, the Server patch which is now live across all platforms fixes the issue where Elite Queue was not working correctly.

Respawn has said that they have released the Client Patch update for PC only because they want to test all the new changes before rolling it out to all platforms. Respawn Added that the Client Patch update will soon be available across all platforms including PS4 and Xbox One at the launch of Season 2 if the team finds improvement with the new changes. Check out both patch notes below.

Apex Legends PC Client Patch Notes [6.20.2019]

  • Datacenter improvements to make the list easier to understand and use:

    • List will be sorted by ping by default.

    • The selected data center will be highlighted in orange.

      • Focused/hovered data centers will still be highlighted in grey.

    • Right clicking a data center will no longer make it look selected

      • Right click wouldn’t actually select the data center but would still highlight the selection which could be confusing.

  • Clients will now send user input to the server at a higher rate.

  • Code: Leaf error

    • There is still some work to do on our end to nail down what is causing this error. In this patch we’re adding more telemetry to help us identify specifically how this error is being caused. You may start to get a code:net error instead of code:leaf. That is intended and part of the telemetry we added. We’ll be continuing to investigate this issue and it remains a priority.

Apex Legends Server Patch [6.20.2019] – Elite Queue Fix

  • Server patch is live now across all platforms to address the issue with Elite Queue not working correctly. It should now work as intended.
  • Now as things settle you may experience some strange behavior at first. For example, getting a loss of forgiveness when you shouldn’t. After a few matches, things should return to normal status.

Sorry for the issue with this and please let us know if you’re experiencing any bugs after playing through it a bit.

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