Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games has released a new update for its western-themed action-adventure game Red Dead Online.┬áThe latest Red Dead Online update brings a number of previously available early access contents to Xbox One including, Ancient Tomahawk Showdown Mode, Perlino Andalusian Horse, Belanger Saddle, Finley Jacket, Stenger Studded Spurs and Caldwell Hat, as well as two new Emotes – “Boast” and “Hey, You.” Additionally, it also includes the Last Stand for the Xbox One.

Ancient Tomahawk can be grabbed from any of the five Fence locations (Saint-Denis, Rhodes, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn or Thieves Landing). The new Red Dead Online update patch notes also bring two new items of clothing which include the Common Flat Cap and the Horsfall Overshirt and can be grabbed from the Tailors across the five states.

Players can also grab some discounts on a selection of garments and accessories from all outlaws and gunslingers for a limited time only. The items which you can grab are Griffith Chaps, Charro Jacket, Clymene Coat and Vaquero Baroque Spurs.

Moreover, the latest Red Dead Online update also increases the accrue XP rate for all equipped Ability Cards both Dead Eye and Passive cards by 20% faster.

You can find more details on the latest Red Dead Online update patch notes here.

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