Samsung CRG5 Monitor

By adding more to its curved gaming monitor line up Samsung today announced its new 27-inch curved CRG5 (C27RG5) gaming monitor. Samsung says that its new 27-inch CRG5 gaming monitor comes with some new gaming features including a lightning-fast display with 240Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility.

The new Samsung CRG5 gaming monitor features a 1500R display curvature combined with a lightning-fast refresh rate through 240Hz RapidCurve technology. This provides an ultra-smooth and a truly immersive viewing experience.

“Samsung’s delivering next-level gaming experiences with innovative curved displays using the latest graphics technology to immerse gamers like never before,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Combining a 240Hz refresh rate with NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility in Samsung’s new CRG5 curved gaming monitor gives gamers advanced performance for the most graphic-intense games.”

Additionally, the new Samsung CRG5 also comes with Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility to deliver smooth, tear-free, low-latency gameplay during any scene, all in full HD resolution (1920×1080).

CRG5 also features a minimal bezel-less design that offers a nearly edge-to-edge screen from three sides and a sturdy, ergonomic v shape stand. With an on-screen digital menu, players can also select pre-set display options for any genre of game as well as go for more advanced customization options to create up to three separate display profiles to easily switch between.

The new Samsung CRG5 gaming monitor will join the line of the newly launched Samsung’s Space, CRG9 49 Gaming and UR59C 32 Curved 4K UHD Monitors which were launched earlier this year in January.

Samsung has announced that the new CRG5 will be unveiled at the PC Gaming Show from PC Gamer and it will be broadcast live on Twitch, June 10 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. The new Samsung CRG5 gaming monitor will be available globally in Q3 2019.

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