As expected, after all the leaks, rumors and speculations Ubisoft has finally confirmed the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion and we will also see a full reveal of the game at upcoming E3 2019 event next week. Previously, the upcoming Watch Dogs game was being expected to be called as the Watch Dogs 3 and leaks have suggested that it will be set in London. Now, this has been confirmed that the game will indeed set in London and will be called Watch Dogs Legion.

Now, Watch Dogs Legion official Twitter account has a new teaser with a hashtag #WatchDogsLegion. The tweet also says God Save the NPCs. Reveal at E3. The tweet confirms that the Watch Dogs Legion will see a full reveal at E3, 2019 next week. The tweet also confirms that in the game players will also be able to play as NPC, meaning you can play as anyone in the game you recruit.

Watch Dogs Legion was first confirmed by a recent listing on the Amazon UK website. The Amazon listing of the Watch Dogs Legion showed us the PS4 version of the game priced at 58 Euro, which is around $65 US dollars. However, the listing was quickly removed from the Amazon UK site after it went viral.

Watch Dogs 3 Story, Gameplay Details Leaked

Previous leaks had revealed that the next Watch Dogs Legion will be set in London and it is now almost confirmed. The game will feature a young lady named Sarah as the main character who works for an anti-terrorist organization branch that deals with cybersecurity. Further, players will also be able to skateboard in upcoming Watch Dogs Legion, as well as graffitis will also be available in the game.

We expect the full reveal of the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion at E3 which kicks off next week from June 11 to 13 in Los Angeles.