Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Patch 1.14 Notes Released With New Weapons, Bug Fixes and More


EA and Respawn Entertainment have kicked off the Apex Legends Season 2 along with the full Apex Legends update 1.14 patch notes for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The latest Apex Legends patch is a huge one and it brings a lot of new changes to the popular battle royale game. This includes, the balance changed for Legends and Weapons, new hopups, lots of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. With the latest patch update players who will play Apex Legends Season 2 will also be able to earn free rewards including, Season 2 stat trackers for each Legend, Five Apex Packs, and The Wattson Hot Rod skin.

The latest Apex Legends update 1.14 patch notes also brings new weapons including a new Airdrop Weapon: L-STAR EMG, Hop-Up: Disruptor Rounds, Hop-Up: Hammerpoint Rounds and more. Additionally, Apex Legends Season 2 update 1.14 patch notes also bring lots of bug fixes to the game. You can check out the update 1.14 patch notes below.

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge Update 1.14 Patch Notes


  • Pings

    • When pinging a closed door, the player will now say “closed door here”.

    • When pinging an open door, the player will now say “someone’s been here”.

    • When a player requests a hop up, if the gun only accepts one kind of hop up, the player will callout that specific hop up they are looking for. If the gun accepts multiple hop ups, the player won’t vocalize it but all possible hop ups requested will show up in the obit feed.

  • Arc stars that are stuck to players should no longer fail to do damage when the part of the player it is stuck to is intersecting another object.
  • Made visual improvements to the Legends while in the Lobby and character select.
  • Added improvements and polish to the Legend’s animations while skydiving.
  • Improved melee hit detection on the hover tank while it’s moving.
  • Server optimizations.
  • Improved server and client performance when firing weapons, especially for multi-projectile weapons like shotguns and TripleTake.
  • Large doors and Supply Bins can now be used while viewing them from more extreme angles.
  • Slow Effects will now slow players equally regardless of their controller settings.
  • Wraith’s Heirloom will now more reliably show its lightning visualFX.
  • Heal items will now more reliably show the correct model when switching between different types.
  • General optimizations to improve framerate.
  • Fixed issue with geometry sometimes flickering when viewed from a long distance.
  • Death Box rarity colors are now more visible from a distance.
  • “Send Friend Request” tool-tip now shows up when hovering over teammates Banners while viewing the “Squad Eliminated” screen and “Squads” tab during a match.
  • Made it so that your weapon won’t play its priming animation when you pull it out after skydiving.
  • Fixed issue with skydive continuing to loop falling soundFX after landing.
  • Apex will no longer swap from full screen to windowed mode automatically if you shift to focus on other applications while Apex is booting up.
  • Fixed issue with players seeing their Origin friends listed as offline when they aren’t.
  • Made improvements to voice chat for PC.
  • Fixed issue where you could lose your Steam friends list after restarting Apex on PC.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes players would get a black screen during character select.
  • Added “Flash Hider” description to the Gold Barrel Stabilizer attachment. It always did this but the information wasn’t provided well so we added it to the description when inspecting the attachment.


New Airdrop Weapon: L-STAR EMG

  • Fires large high-damage plasma projectiles
  • Will overheat if player fires for too long
  • Comes with its own limited ammo supply
  • Only available in Airdrops

New Hop-Up: Disruptor Rounds

  • Increased damage to shielded targets.
  • Compatibility: Alternator / RE-45

New Hop-Up: Hammerpoint Rounds

  • Increased damage to unshielded targets.
  • Compatibility: P2020, Mozambique.


  • Fixed a hit registration bug that could occur if you fired your weapon while being damaged by an enemy shotgun.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes load screens would not appear properly and players would temporarily see the training map before loading into a match.
  • Fixed issue with players not always hearing selected quip dialogue when performing a finisher or being executed.
  • Fixed issue with Apex not working correctly when SLI or Crossfire is enabled.
  • Fixed bug with the consumables wheel sometimes appearing blank.
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes get stuck on the Battle Pass Level screen.
  • Fixed bug where The Unlock button would be greyed out when it shouldn’t be when trying to view rewards.
  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes be unable to exit the Battle Pass tab after selecting it from the Lobby.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could jump while downed.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the client would crash to the Dashboard when entering character select on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a bug where pinging a sniper stock in your inventory would show up as “looking for Grip”
  • Fixed a bug that caused players and loot to begin sliding permanently or launching inconsistently onto Supply Ship surfaces after doing melee attacks against the Supply Ship walls.
  • Fixed bug that could cause players to shift to a location under the map when switching between players while spectating.
  • Fixed bug for cases where performing a melee attack while inspecting an item would cause the attack to slow down and not deal damage.
  • [X1 only] Fixed bug where players were not being rewarded “The Player” achievement after hitting level 50. If you have reached level 50 and not received it in the past it should now be awarded retroactively.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes caused Apex to crash when plugging a PS4 controller into your PC while the game is active.
  • Fixed bug that caused an “Out of Bounds” warning and timer while riding the Supply Ship over certain areas of Kings Canyon.
  • General improvements to game stability related to various script errors.

    • Bloodhound

      • Fixed bug where players wouldn’t create movement evidence markers unless they were sprinting.

      • Fixed bug where sometimes energy weapons wouldn’t create ‘weapon fired’ evidence markers.

    • Wraith

      • Fixed bug where Wraith’s jetpack boosters could still be seen while phasing.

      • Fixed issue where in some rare cases, performing a Finisher while down player is entering a Wraith Portal.

      • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to place extra Dimensional Portals.

    • Octane

      • Fixed a bug that caused throwable items to bounce off a jump pad without actually touching it.

You can find the full details on the latest Apex Legends 1.14 patch notes here.


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