Anthem Patch 1.5.0 Update Brings Back The Cataclysm, Bug Fixes and Improvements

Anthem 1.5 Patch Notes
Image: EA

EA has just pushed another update for its action looter and shooter game Anthem. The latest Anthem patch 1.5.0 update is now available to download on all platforms and it adds a number of new features which now brings back The Cataclysm for the Season of Skulls. Now, this will allow you to earn more seasonal currency by scoring high in Season of Skulls so you can spend that at the seasonal store.

The Anthem patch 1.5.0 also adds new Season of Skulls Freeplay events and scavenger hunt and new data archives so you can learn more about Season of Skulls lore.


As part of other features added in the latest Anthem patch 1.5.0 update, it now makes the Mass Salvage available on all inventory management screens.

It also increases the chance to obtain a legendary item from a war chest by up to 250%. In addition to the new feature, the Anthem patch 1.5.0 update adds a Legendary-Only War Chest to the Seasonal Store.

The latest Anthem 1.5.0 patch update brings various bugs fixes and improvements to the game. This includes various crash fixes for stabilization and makes auto-loot work for all high-rarity loot drops in a game session.

The latest Anthem 1.5.0 update also a number of general changes and fixes for the Cataclysm which you can find below.

General Cataclysm Changes/Fixes:

  • All challenges that awarded major crystals now reward 500 minor crystals instead.
  • Turrets will no longer respawn once destroyed in Sea of Takaro and Castle Kelrik.
  • Teleporters are now immediately re-usable after teleporting.

The Anthem 1.5.0 patch update also brings various fixes and changes to weapons, Javelin, Colossus Gear, Storm Gear, Interceptor Gear and more.

If you want you can check out the full details on the latest Anthem 1.5.0 patch update here.

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