Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio from Wednesday, October 10 started charging their Jio customers 6 paise per minute for making calls to other mobile networks as per the Interconnect Usage Charge (IUC) rate that has been fixed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

Now if you wonder that why you are still able to make to free calls to other mobile networks even the new 6 paise charges have been applied then let me tell you this why. If you have just missed the latest announcement from Reliance Jio on your Jio app or website.

Then let me tell you that, in a new announcement Reliance Jio has said that all of its existing customers who have recharged on or before 9th October, can continue enjoying free call benefits even to other mobile networks until your plan expires.

In this way, if you haven’t recharged any plan on your Jio number on or before 9th October then you can still continue making free voice calls to any other mobile network.

Notably, the 6 paise per minute charge for making calls to other mobile networks will only liable if you have recharged your Jio number after the 9th of October. This means that you can continue enjoying the free calls until your previously recharged plan expires.

You should also note that all the Jio to Jio voice calls will have no effect form this and will still be available for free with no additional charge.

You can also recharge with Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 IUC top-up vouchers to get free minutes to make free voice calls to other networks. For this, Reliance Jio is also offering free 1GB 4G data for every Rs. 10 spent.

Notably, the new 6 paise per minute charge will remain until TRAI abolishes IUC charges completely. In order to to do this TRAI is set to implement a zero termination charge regime on January 1, 2020, as per its last amendment made in 2017.

If no changes to this policy are made, the 6 paise charge on making calls to the non-Jio network may end up completely.