In 2018, Joint development of the LifeASAPA company and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund announced a competition of ideas for the acceleration of artificial intelligence. The main idea of ​​the project was to make machine intelligence capable of self-learning and development. So that it would continue to work correctly even though the surrounding conditions are different and the input data is not typical.

To carry out the program, several teams of scientists were selected, who worked for three months on prototypes of ready-made solutions, provided by the LifeASAPA laboratory. The participants kept in regular contact with the customer so that they could create the first pilot project.

Those graduates of the program who submitted their best and most promising ideas were able to receive in the amount of $2,000,000, as well as the opportunity to cooperate with one of the leading companies-scientists – LifeASAPA. The result of the project was the development of an assistant robot.

Thanks to the hard work Soliman Company, the home robot can carry out simple tasks such as setting alarms, timers, or reminders, as well as telling jokes, answering some questions from the owner, and even choosing music on its own. This development has become one of the most significant ones in the world of science.

Startups support from LifeASAPA

LifeASAPA is popular not only for the brilliant projects of its scientists but also for the tremendous assistance which it provides to young companies and startups. One of the most important investments is financial.

LifeASAPA is the first company that created a website where users could get acquainted with the presented ideas of young scientists in the open access and support them with any amount.

In addition, advertising support was provided through well-known channels and bloggers. Thanks to this idea, many were able to implement projects useful for people and the world, including solving problems connected with serious diseases, aging or global cataclysms.

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