Apple Cider Vinegar

Many important nutrients are found in the apple which is very essential for our
body. Many people prefer to drink apple juice instead of eating an apple. If you are not able to get an apple every day, then drink it out of juice. Whether you eat it whole or you drink it out of juice, there will be no reduction in its

Apple is considered to be the healthiest and multicoloured fruit. According to an estimate, China and America are ranked first and second respectively in apple growing countries. Apple not only tastes good in food but also has many health properties.

Let us know how apple is helpful in keeping you healthy. Drinking a glass of apple juice helps to reduce the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the body. It does not contain cholesterol at all, due to which it is considered the most suitable fruit. You must drink a glass of apple juice at breakfast every day.

If you come to know about its health benefits then you will never be able to ignore it. Now let us know what are the benefits of drinking apple juice.

Inside the apple are antioxidants – polyphenols and flavonoids which are considered good for the heart. Apart from this, it also contains potassium, which is a very beneficial mineral for the heart.

Apples contain flavonoid which protects from asthma. It makes the lungs
strong and helps it to function properly.

Apple has an alkaline element which removes destructive toxins from the liver. Apple peel contains pectin which improves digestion. The alkalinity present in the apple makes it strong by excluding the toxins and waste present in the liver. This keeps the pH level of the skin normal. The elements present in the apple peel is helpful in improving our digestion.

Due to poor cholesterol in the body, many heart diseases occur. By drinking apple juice, you can get away from cholesterol diseases.

Apple juice contains a lot of vitamin C which makes the immune system strong. It also helps the body to fight bacteria and germs.

Apple juice is very good l for hair and skin. Its juice is used in the treatment of itching, welling, chapped skin and wrinkles. To remove dandruff, apply apple juice on it and then wash the hair after hours.

Apple juice protects us from tumours and cancer, especially in which it protects us from lung cancer.

There is a sufficient amount of vitamin A in apple juice. This vitamin is useful in increasing eyesight. In addition, it protects the eyes from many possible diseases.

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