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You always wanted to open your cafe, and now you have. Congratulations! But your work doesn’t stop here. You opened a cafe, and you promoted it, and now you have a clientele. But to make sure that your customers keep coming back and you make new customers, you need smart marketing strategies that can help your cafe stand out. It can be offering discounts or a new menu or ensuring that your ambience is unique. You need to try something different to ensure that people coming back to your cafe.

Here are six strategies that you must try to make your cafe stand out.

1. Have signage which is clear and big

One of the most obvious things is to have clear and big signage so that people can locate your cafe and identify your brand. Don’t just have a cafe’s name on a big board, you need a logo too. So, spend some good amount of money on hiring a professional or use the Canva to design a logo.

A logo is essential to your brand image, so make sure you have a unique logo that goes with the theme of your cafe. It will help people identify your brand, remember it, and it will help people locate your cafe too.

2. Make sure you have a takeaway option and eco-friendly option for the same

Some cafes or restaurants don’t offer a takeaway option, make sure you are not one of them. Also, if you want people to come back to your cafe, you have to make sure you are using environment-friendly options for people to take their coffee or food or cold beverages home. As people are becoming more aware of the environment, they refuse to go and eat at a cafe that doesn’t support eco-friendly things like cups or recyclable plastic.

3. Pay attention to details, even small ones

If your customers love drinking your cold coffee or they keep coming back to eat a signature dish or you have a lot of customers during your happy hours. Whatever it is, pay attention to these details as it can help you get more customers. You need to cash on in your offers or drinks or food that are selling more and is becoming the talk of the town.

4. Make sure you have a proper profile so that people can review your cafe

Whether it is having a social media profile, or making a page on yelp or Zomato so that people can review your cafe. Make sure you have a proper profile with address, photos of the ambience, and food, and so on. It will help people give accurate reviews of your food and drinks which will attract more people towards you.

Keep in mind that people trust recommendations from real people as opposed to advertisements. Also, make sure that your customers can easily find you online through search results.

5. Ask your customers for feedback

One of the best ways to improve your food or ambience and maintain a relationship with your customers is to go talk to them and get their feedback. It can be a verbal chat or giving them a feedback form to fill or sending them emails. It will give you a chance to get into the mind of your customer and understand what and how they want things. Also, a customer will keep coming back if they know you will treat them warmly.

6. Presentation matters

How you present your food matters a lot. So, whether it is putting food on the table or takeaway, make sure your presentation is up to the mark. Use unique and different methods to present your food. Also, use show bowls or recyclable plastic with a transparent lid that shows what people are taking and how it looks.

Keeping these six points in mind will help you ensure your cafe stands out and attracts more customers

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