Apex Legends Third-Person Mode

Apex Legends third-person mode kicked off on January 18 as part of the latest Apex Legend Grand Soiree Event patch 1.26 update. With the new Apex Legends third-person mode Respawn is trying something different for its players. The third-person mode in Apex Legends is already up and will run until January 20. So far, several players have played the new mode. But it seems like the new Apex Legends third-person mode has negatively affected some players making them sick with the motion sickness.

According to an Apex Legends player on Reddit, the new Apex Legends third-person mode made his stomach-churning after he played 3 games with the new third-person mode.

A number of other players also reported that they felt the same thing after paying the Apex Legends third-person mode for more than 30 minutes. The user said that he stopped playing the new third-person mode after this.

This clearly shows that many players didn’t like the new third-person mode so far. But if it really happened then Respawn should take it into consideration.

Did you also felt the same thing playing the new Apex Legends third-person mode? Do let me know in the comments below.

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