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Seems like some users are experiencing login issue while login into the Epic Games Launcher. However, the good thing is that the Epic Games is aware of the issue and have already started investigating the issue. Users with login issues should get an update on the issue soon.

Epic Games via its official Twitter account tweeted that they are aware that some users are experiencing login issues while trying to login to the Epic Games Launcher. This is not yet confirmed that what has actually caused this issue but we expect it to be resolved soon.

The login issue might be related to some network issue or some kind of technical fault from the launcher itself.

According to a screenshot shared by a user in responding to the Epic Games tweet. The Epic Games Launcher is showing a message which reads, ”it seems that you are trying to send request twice.” check out the tweets below.

I am having an eye on this issue and will update this post once this issue gets resolved by Epic Games.

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