Developer Experiment 101 of Biomutant yesterday made an official announcement regarding its upcoming open-world, post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable Biomutant game. Notably, Biomutant is set for a release date sometime in 2020. But still, there is no official word on an exact release date yet. However, in an official statement on Wednesday, the developer of Biomutant shared new details about the upcoming Biomutant game.

Developer via its official twitter account confirmed that players who have been eagerly waiting for the Biomutant shouldn’t be disappointed as Biomutan is at its final stage of development.

The developer confirmed that the game is still in development and the team is working and doing everything to make this game as much entertaining and great as possible.

Experiment 101 left the statement saying that the Biomutant release date will be announced soon, but on which date the game would actually be released is still unknown.

Notably, Biomutant will be available on all platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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