Hitman 2

IO Interactive has shared the Hitman 2 content roadmap for the month of February for those looking for more action-packed missions and assassinations in the game. According to the official announcement page, the Hitman 2 February content update will bring 10 hand-pick featured contracts taken from the Official Submission Thread on Hitman Forum.

The new featured contracts are themed as ‘Lost Love’ to signify February as the month of love and will be available for everyone to play on February 6th.

Further, the Hitman 2 February content roadmap includes Elusive Target Reactivation. And this time it brings Vicente Murillo, who will be patrolling Santa Fortuna once more for 10 days.

The February content roadmap also includes some of the community-curated contracts starting Frote7, the first Curator for the month of February. Frote7 is a well-known member of the community.

We are now waiting for the update patch notes and as it arrives we will update this post with the full patch note for the February update.