realme X2

Realme has started the Realme UI open beta for Realme X2 users in India. Now, this means that Realme X2 users can now join the open beta test by participating in the Realme UI beta program. By participating in the Realme UI beta program you can now get the final stable build of the latest Realme UI on your Realme X2 device.

Now, the best thing is that if you have been in the early access beta program for the Realme UI for your Realme X2 device then you don’t need to join the Open Beta, instead, you can simply wait for the stable version.

For users who haven’t enrolled in the early access beta for the Realme UI can now register through the process to join the Realme UI open beta for the Realme X2. The Realme UI open beta is available for the Realme X2 device with model number Realme X2 – RMX1992EX_11_A.19. So, make sure you are on the right device before downloading and installing the open beta registration APK.

You can register for the Realme UI open beta by simply downloading and installing the registration APK file (given below) on your Realme X2 device. Simply follow the steps below and you will be running the latest Realme UI version on your device.

Notably, registering for the open beta will allow you to experience the experience new Realme UI features before its official release as well as will help Realme collect feedback to help in find and fix possible problems.

Here is How to Join or Register for the Realme X2 Realme UI Open Beta

    • Download the Zip files provided below. Extract and you will find two APK files.
    • Install both the APK files.
    • Go to Settings> Software Update> Click the top right button> Enter Trial Version Upgrade, and choose the open beta for Realme X2.

Download the registration APK Here by scrolling down the page below: