The World Easiest Game That You Can Play Anywhere


Nowadays if you have a smartphone or PC then you have unlimited games offers to play. There are so many games that you can play anywhere and anytime. The purpose of the games is not only fun but also provides education and makes you creative.

Here today we’ll talk about the World easiest game which is developed by Mad Science industries as well as published by Addicting games. It is an interesting quiz game that released on 4th July 2017.


In this interesting gameplay, you get a chance to make friend with a cat, and this Queazy cat tells you it could not be the sight of difficult questions means upcoming question bring you to super easy.

This game got lots of positive reviews and high ratings by players. The best thing is that the game is suitable for everyone


When you start a game, you receive a message that guides you on how to start the game. These messages could be written in quote form such as “ I am queasy cat for unfortunate condition and can’t stand for difficult questions.

All the questions are easy, and you get nine lives in the game. Almost 100 different questions are asking in the game, and all these could form different areas of knowledge. Therefore you must be careful before answering.

Form 9 lives, you lost one life when you, make a mistake, and if you lose 9 then you are the loser in the game. Therefore try to get the right answer quickly because, by the faster answer, you get more points.

Prominent characteristics of the World easiest game are

  1. 100 different questions
  2. Great graphics with bright, fresh colour
  3. Queazy Cat that burst into a laugh when you give the wrong answer.

How to Play

  1. Multiple choices are given in this puzzles game where you select one option,
  2. You can use the arrow keys to, move and It depends upon questions.

Tips and Tricks of the Game

  1. You can sound off and on on the game screen
  2. Play this game in full-screen mode
  3. If you answer quickly  more points you get
  4. 100 questions in the game can repeat also

Being the fun game this game is suitable that kill your time and relax. You can play in their free time at school and office.

Here you can not only play the World easiest game also thousands of other interesting games are available in those areas where this game is unblocked. Therefore you can enjoy the World easiest game and some other games also.

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Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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