Xbox Series X New Gameplay Unveils Fast Loading Times & Quick Tech Demos


Microsoft today revealed all the technical details of Xbox Series X, its next-gen console. The company also took the opportunity to discuss other rather attractive features and functions of the system.

Through 2 videos, Microsoft showed how efficient Xbox Series X will be in terms of loading times. It also showed the Quick Resume function in action, which will allow users to resume their games right where they left off quickly and efficiently.


As already detailed multiple times, Xbox Series X will have a 1TB solid-state drive as internal storage. This will allow games to load faster, which translates to more playing time and less waiting.

Microsoft made a video comparing the loading times of Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. As you can see below, the new generation system will be much more efficient than the company’s latest console. This is possible thanks to the Xbox Speed ​​Architecture, which offers incredible hardware and software integration. It is a new technology optimized especially for use in video games.

The architecture will not only help loading games, but it will also make it easier for developers to create more ambitious experiences. In addition, it will allow multiplayer play in physical memory, which will benefit the entire community.

This feature of the console will eliminate loading times between levels and let you design fast travel systems that are really fast. The Xbox Speed ​​Architecture will primarily benefit open-world game development.

The video below shows Xbox One X and Xbox Series X running State of Decay 2. The current console loads the game in about 50 seconds, but the Xbox Series X will do so in just 8 seconds.

YouTube video

Xbox One X will integrate Quick Resume technology that will allow you to instantly resume the last titles you played. The function will be activated only by pressing a button, which will take you to the exact place where you left your last game in several games at the same time.

The interesting thing is that Quick Resume will work even if you turn off your console, update it or disconnect it completely. This is possible also thanks to the solid-state drive where your titles will be stored. Below is the video that shows Quick Resume in action.

YouTube video

The launch of Xbox Series X is planned for later this year.


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