YouTube Explore Tab

Google has finally started rolling out the new Explore tab on its YouTube app for both Android and iOS. Notably, the new Explorer tab was in the testing phase for quite some times now and its finally rolling out now with the latest version of the YouTube app. The new YouTube Explore tab basically replaces the original Trending tab of the popular YouTube app for Android and iOS.

With the new Explore tab, you will not only be able to view Trending videos but you will also be able to access destination pages for some popular content categories like Gaming, Music, Fashion & Beauty, Learning and more, all from one place. The new YouTube Explore tab will be rolling out in the next coming days to users across mobile and tablets (both Android and iOS).

YouTube Explore Tab

Google on its official announcement page describes features of the new YouTube Explore tab in three ways which you can find below.

  • Easy access to destination pages: You can simply tap on the Explore tab to find and watch new videos from destination pages for some popular content categories.
  • More prominent Creator & Artist on the Rise section: As you will scroll down to the page you will also find “Creator on the Rise” and “Artist on the Rise” before other trending videos. Google says this will help you as well as new creators and artist to discover their content and connect with them.
  • Continue to see what’s Trending on YouTube right now: Within the new Explore tab, you will also get the Trending page where you find all the trending videos and contents from each country and region.

The new YouTube Explore tab was in testing since back 2018, and now its finally rolling out to both Android and iOS devices.

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