E-commerce transactions in the UAE accounted for a total of around $16 billion (Dh59 billion) in 2019 and are expected to grow 23 per cent annually until 2022. With a mobile phone penetration of world record of 210.9 per cent and a tech-savvy millennial audience, UAE has the ideal conditions for the E-commerce business boom.

The internet has reshaped our lives and digital profiles. Whether it is the fun of shopping from home or getting one’s favourite food platter delivered at their doorsteps, technology has made everything possible with just a mouse click. As consumers’ digital comforts grew, the popularity of online shopping has hit the skies literally. Technology has indeed become an inextricable part of nearly every consumer’s life.

Today, e-commerce is a key driver of growth in the region and is expected to grow exponentially by 2020. Fueled by the popularity of social media channels and smartphone technology, consumers have a lot of convenient, cost-effective and above all user-friendly platforms to interact, learn to do business and enhance their networks.

E-commerce players create an intuitive customer experience, engaging customers across channels. Online classifieds make it all appear so simple and interesting for the time-strapped millennial audience to get their tasks done. Be it to sell or buy a car, rent out their apartment or find a foreign language trainer, everything is possible through online Dubai classifieds these days.

Online Classifieds – The Budget-Friendly Way to Spread the Word

Small and medium businesses with a modest promotional budget will find online classifieds a potent forum to announce their special deals and business offers and get spotted easily.  The high internet penetration and convenience have put e-commerce on an upward technology trajectory. There has been a steep rise in the number of e-commerce companies offering a full range of products at discounted rates and special deals.

Online classifieds and shopping portals have become the most recognized and popular shopping destinations for digital consumers.  Even local businesses and brick and mortar shops have switched to e-commerce. Some have developed their online stores while others have tied up with e-commerce giants like Amazon to increase their baseline and increase their sales.

These days, many prominent e-commerce companies from different parts of the world like the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify are showing a keen interest in the UAE and are exploring the prospects of e-commerce in the country.

Government initiatives

UAE government has been investing heavily in technology to enhance the quality of lives in all spheres including eCommerce. From electronic voting machines to refillable debit cards to pay government fees, and government award for the best technology-driven service solutions, there has been a spate of futuristic initiatives in the field of technology.

One of the most prestigious landmarks in the field of technology has been the Dubai Internet City DIC, set up in the year 2000. It is the biggest ICT infrastructure, built inside a free trade zone in the Middle East. The largest information and communications technology hub support information and communications technology (ICT) companies.

DIC is home to some of the global ICT giants, including Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, Schlumberger, and Cisco, as well as many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures.  Businesses in various niches like software development, business services, and eCommerce companies make use of the latest technological facilities to stand out in the competition.

Both local brands and international companies are making use of advanced technology tools to ensure the best user experience for online shoppers.  The evolving shopping culture in the country is expected to bring a big boost to the local e-commerce scene growth and evolution.

The evolving technology has enabled the eCommerce world to come closer and stronger, which in turn will influence consumer spending in the days ahead. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, warehouse robotics and drone-based delivery among others are all set to bring about a quality change in the evolution of E-commerce businesses.


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