Nioh 2 Update 1.08 Patch Notes Released with Adjustments to Yokai Techniques and More

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Nioh 2, the PlayStation 4 exclusive action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja was released last month. Since its release on the PS4, Nioh 2 has received a number of patch updates. Now, Nioh 2 has received a new update 1.08 patch notes and it brings adjustments to Yokai techniques, the main character in the game, and also adjusted the drop rates for a number of souls upwards.

The latest Nioh 2 update 1.08 patch notes also include a long list of bug fixes which you can find in the Nioh 2 1.08 patch notes below which we have translated from Japanese to English.


Nioh 2 Update 1.08 Patch Notes

– Adjusting Yokai techniques

Adjusted so that the overall balance can be achieved, focusing on techniques that were difficult to feel the power and effect .

  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit the “Ushioni” soul attack
  • Adjusted the damage of “fire car” in the soul generation , and reduced the consumption power
  • Adjusted to also hit the front side of the appearance position of the soul “ Daidarabochi ”
  • Tweaked “Sake Drinking Doji”
    to reduce stiffness after attacking and make it easier to hit
  • Alleviates
    stiffness after attacking the soul “Kagetsu Warrior” and increases damage
  • Soul soul “poison slimming” / soul soul “Kokaibozu”
    Adjusted to reduce stiffness after attack and allow rapid fire
  • Adjusted to release more amrita when biting the soul stomach “Gaki”
  • Accelerates the generation of “Yamaba”
    attacks, and adjusts the duration of the beneficial effect
  • Increased
    the hit count of “Iron Rat” attack on Souls
  • Reduced
    rigidity after attacking the soul “Karatengu” and adjusted damage upward
  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit the “Three Eyes” attack on the Soul
  • Increased the
    number of hits for the “Rokuro Neck” attack in the soul
  • Relieve rigidity after attacking the soul’s “gaijin”
  • Increased the chance of dropping herbal medicines when hitting “Kyorei” soul charges
  • Increases the amount of youth consumed by making the opponent frightened even when hit by the “Ushigami” monster
  • Adjusted to make it easier to hit the “First Demon” attack of the soul generation , adjusted
    downward energy damage and increased power consumption
  • Reduces
    the maximum number of reversals when touching the terrain of ” Yatogami ” by one soul , and increases power consumption
  • Tamashiro “Otake Maru” / Tamashiro “Kara umbrella ghost”
    “Ushioni” “Princess Nagabe” “Daida Lavocchi” “Wedge” damage down adjusted

– Adjustment

  • The drop rates of the following souls have been adjusted upwards:
    Poison Slime
    Oni (Tu)
    Oni (Wed)
    Oni (Thunder)
    Tang Umbrella Haunted
– Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug that the special effect “damage +% of martial arts” is not reflected in the enhanced martial arts “・ Yo” and “・ Yin”
  • Fixed a bug that some attributes of the hatchet do not reflect the attribute of special effects
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a specific enemy with the chain sniper tactics “Snake Biting” would not allow you to linger
  • Fixed a bug where the Santo Sickle martial arts “Sanyu” tend to explode
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t be devastated by the chain sword martial art “Kizui Mizugami”
  • Fixed a bug where the pursuit of the spear martial arts “Chidori” could slip through
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of customizing martial arts were not added to the following martial arts.
    Two-sword martial arts “Heavy and Jumonji”
    Spear martial arts “Hisar 2” other than the first stage
    Chain sickle martial arts “Mizugami Kick” “Kegon Drop”
    Naginata sickle martial arts “Dust judgment two”

You can check out the full patch notes details on the official website here.

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