OnePlus Launcher

OnePlus launcher adds several features to your OnePlus devices which are not part of Android’s core operating system. The OnePlus launcher provides you more accessblitily, speed, and customizability on your hone’s home screen. OnePlus recently released OnePlus launcher version 4.3.3 with improved UI and support for hiding icon labels.

OnePlus Launcher 4.4.2 Bring Changes to Recent App Switcher

Now, OnePlus has released the latest OnePlus launcher version 4.4.2 which brings a number of notable changes to the recent app switcher.

The new OnePlus launcher 4.4.2 now makes small changes to the recent app switcher. Now, it changes the position of the recent app icon from the top preview card to the bottom of your phone’s recent app screen.

You will also find other apps icons at the bottom in the new recent app screen. The app name has also been repositioned from the left top side to the middle to the new preview card.

Now, with the new OnePlus launcher 4.4.2 you will be able to close other apps directly from the updated recent app screen. Just swipe right to left to access and see all of your recent apps that are opened and close them accordingly.

OnePlus launcher 4.4.2 Download Link

The new OnePlus launcher 4.4.2 will be rolling out via PlayStore for the OnePlus devices. However, if you want can also download the OnePlus launcher 4.4.2 APK file from the APK Mirror here.