ColorOS 7

The third batch of ColorOS 7 + Android 10 trial version for Oppo F9 & F9 Pro users is now available. Notably, the third batch of the ColorOS 7 + Android 10 trial version comes with 5000 quotas for users in India, Egypt, Philipines, Pakistan, and Indonesia. So, hurry and apply now if you missed previously released quotas. Please note, that successful applicants will receive system updates within 3 days.

To recall, Oppo started rolling out the first batch of the ColorOS 7 + Android 10 trial version for Oppo F9, F9 Pro on April 30. Then, Oppo rolled out the second batch this month on May 16. Now, a new batch of ColorOS 7 + Android 10 trial version with 5000 quotas is available for more users in the above-mentioned countries.

Please be advised that after updating to latest trail version update your device might start heating, lagging, and fast battery draining. It because, after updating to the latest version, the operating system of your phone automatically starts several actions to optimize your device automatically and your phone starts getting heated.

However, to solve this, Oppo recommends that you turn off the screen and charge your device for a whole night after it’s successfully updated. Or keep using the device and it will become normal within 2-3 days.

Update the third-party apps

Also, some of the third-party apps on your phone might also start lagging and crashing after the trial version update. Its because some third-party applications are not compatible with Android 10. So, make sure to update those apps also when you update to the latest Android 10 trail version.

Steps to Apply for the ColorOS 7+Android 10 Trial Version for Your Oppo F9, F9 Pro

1. Please make sure that you are updated to the latest official version of F9/F9 Pro.
Detectable Version:

Trial Version:

  • Go to “Settings – Software Updates”
  • Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner
  • Tap “Trial Version”, fill in the information, select the must-know checkbox, and tap “Apply Now”
  • Check the “Software Update” within 3 days > tap Download Now.
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