Gran Turismo Sport

There is no better time for PlayStation fans to speculate on the video games coming to PlayStation 5. Motorsports fans were recently thrilled to think about the existence of Gran Turismo 7, but in the end, it was inaccurate information. Well, there is one more reason to think that Polyphony Digital could be working on a new game for the series and that it will arrive on PlayStation 5.

This is because Sony Interactive Entertainment registered through the National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina (via TMDN) the Gran Turismo brand, as well as the logo of the brand and that of the Polyphony Digital studio.

We know that trademark registration or renewal does not always mean that a new video game is in production. But that companies do this to protect their properties and extend their dominance over them. But it is good to know that in this case these records were made on June 4, when the presentation of the PlayStation 5 games would take place.

The aforementioned details have made many think that the new installment of Gran Turismo would be revealed in said presentation and that the developer would wait until that day to register everything related to the brand. Also, it is worth saying that the last numbered installment of the franchise arrived 7 years ago and Gran Turismo Sport debuted almost 3 years ago, so thinking of a new iteration is not far-fetched.

If you are interested in checking the documents, in this link you can find the Gran Turismo trademark, in this link other the Gran Turismo logo and in this link the Polyphony Digital logo.

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The last game in the series came in 2017, but Polyphony Digital continues to work on free updates coming in the form of new cars, such as one that celebrated Mazda’s 100th anniversary.

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