Crysis Remastered

Crytek has published a 3-second gameplay video of the port on the Nintendo Switch of Crysis Remastered, coming out in a few days.

The PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Crysis Remastered have been delayed to a later date after the quality of the images and videos that emerged on the net a few weeks ago has undergone several criticisms from the players, who have even speculated that the original game was actually better.

The development of porting on Switch, on the other hand, continues to be shipped towards 23 July, the date of publication. The video, visible at the bottom, shows a part of the environment that can be destroyed, as well as the vegetation of Crysis which, as can be seen, allows players to cut trees during the shootings.

Crysis, when it was released in 2007, was considered one, if not the best, of games with such a high graphic level that it seemed almost a revolution. Bringing this level of detail to Switch is undoubtedly something impressive.

Furthermore, on the Crysis website, other short gameplay videos show dynamic light and aim with the gyroscope.

Crysis Remastered will release on Nintendo Switch on July 23, while owners of PC, PS4 and Xbox One will receive updates shortly.


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