PlayStation Plus

These days, Sony Interactive Entertainment is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the PlayStation Plus offer. To celebrate the day, the company is giving away free credit to random users.

In the past few days, those responsible at Sony Interactive Entertainment have celebrated the tenth anniversary of the PlayStation Plus online offering.

According to current reports, users of the service can look forward to a little surprise to celebrate the day. In the international gaming forums, a few users from North America and Europe initially spoke up, indicating that they were being given a free credit of 10 US dollars or euros.

At the request of a user, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed the action. According to the company, the anniversary campaign for the tenth birthday of PlayStation Plus will take place until August 11, 2020. How many users should be considered with the free credit is still unclear. What is clear, however, is that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be given the credit on a random basis.

Incidentally, how long you have been a subscriber to PlayStation Plus does not matter in the decision by Sony Interactive Entertainment. So if you own an active PlayStation Plus subscription, you should keep an eye on your PlayStation notifications in the coming days.

The benefits of PlayStation Plus include exclusive discounts, demos or betas. The paid service is also required to access the online multiplayer components of the PlayStation 4 titles.


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