According to a report by Nikkei, Sony would have significantly increased the production of PlayStation 5, increasing orders from the 6 million units planned in the spring to about 9 million to be completed by the end of 2020.

Bloomberg has also confirmed this report, stating that the Japanese company doubled the platform’s production from 5 or 6 million units to 10 million, in order to respond to the growing demand caused by the pandemic currently underway.

Despite this increase, Sony may still not be able to bring enough units to the shelves ahead of the Christmas season. This is due to problems with international shipments always due to the coronavirus emergency.

Another interesting detail shared by Bloomberg concerns the PlayStation 5 controller. Indeed, it seems that DualSense has also seen a considerable increase in production.

Sony previously informed suppliers that they would request ten million units of the controller. But that number has increased to accommodate the platform’s new production prospects.

Interestingly, the reason for this step is exactly the same as that of the rumors about the delay of the start of sales or the shortage, due to coronavirus. Sources say that Sony expects an increase in demand for the entertainment industry in general and game consoles in particular.

PlayStation 5 will be available towards the end of the year. The exact price and release date are not yet known, although some recent rumors expect an announcement of this information very close.

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