Xbox Series X

These days Microsoft has explained in detail the peculiar features of Xbox Velocity Architecture, the technology behind the Xbox Series X that will improve game performance.

As you can read on Xbox Wire, Jason Ronald spoke about the company’s ambitions regarding the new console, which will guarantee important power, speed and performance, able to offer experiences not possible in the current generation:

“When we set out to design the Xbox Series X, we aspired to build our most powerful console ever powered by next generation innovation and delivering consistent, sustained performance never before seen in a console with no compromises. To achieve this goal, we knew we needed to analyze each component of the system, to push beyond the limitations in traditional console performance and design.

It was critical in the design of the Xbox Series X to ensure we had a superior balance of power, speed and performance while ensuring no component would constrain the creative ambition of the world’s best creators, empowering them to deliver truly transformative next gen gaming experiences not possible in prior console generations.”

Ronald thus introduces the speech on the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which therefore represents the very heart of the platform, as well as what will guarantee next-generation gaming experiences.

It is mainly composed of four components: the custom SSD NVME, a fundamental part of the architecture, the hardware-accelerated decompression, which allows reducing the loading times, new DirectStorage API and the Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS).

“The Xbox Velocity Architecture fundamentally rethinks how a developer can take advantage of the hardware provided by the Xbox Series X. From entirely new rendering techniques to the virtual elimination of loading times, to larger, more dynamic living worlds where, as a gamer, you can choose how you want to explore, we can’t be more excited by the early results we are already seeing.”

Xbox Series X will arrive towards the end of the year, and that the Xbox Games Showcase presentation will be held on 23 July, entirely dedicated to the titles arriving on the platform.

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