All Oculus Users Will Soon Need a Facebook Account to Log Into Their Oculus Device

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Facebook earlier today made some big announcements regarding how people will log into their Oculus devices in the coming months. The Social media giant announced that starting October 2020 all existing and new users of the Oculus will require a Facebook account to login to their Oculus device.

Facebook in an official blog post said that anyone using an Oculus device for the first time will need to log in with a Facebook account. If you are an existing user with an active Oculus account then you’ll have the option to log in with Facebook and merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts.


If you are an existing user of Oculus device but don’t want to merge your accounts then you can continue using your Oculus account for January 1, 2023. Please note, that Facebook has announced that it will end support for Oculus accounts after January 1, 2023.

So, after that point of time, you will only have a single option to log into your Oculus device. Facebook says that everyone can continue using their Oculus device even if they choose not to merge their Facebook and Oculus accounts. But, in order to avail the full functionality of the Oculus device, they will require a Facebook account.

Facebook also notes that some games and apps may no longer work because of the features that require a Facebook account or because a developer has chosen to no longer support the app or game you purchased. Also note that all future unreleased Oculus devices will require a Facebook account, even if you already have an Oculus account.

Facebook says that enabling a single login option for the Oculus device using users Facebook account will make it easier for them to find, connect, and play with friends in VR. But, some people didn’t think so, and won’t like to link their FB profile to their Oculus VR profile.

For people worrying about linking their Facebook account with their Oculus account, Facebook has answered to some questions Oculus which Oculus users may have in their mind. According to Facebook, Oculus users will still have full control on how they want their profile to appear on the Oculus device.

If you will use Oculus device using your Facebook account then you will also have the option to choose what information about the VR activity you want the post to your Facebook profile or timeline.

You will also be able to continue using the unique username that you had created from your Oculus account earlier. If you don’t have a VR username, you’ll be able to create one when you set up your profile for VR.

You can find more answers to questions related to this case here.

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