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As part of the last State of Play event, Remedy Interactive and 505 Games revealed the release date of their second expansion of Control called AWE with a small teaser. The first gameplay awaits us very soon.

At least this is what the Control makers at Remedy Interactive have promised. In a recently published message on Twitter, the development studio said that in two days, on August 13, 2020, the first gameplay from the upcoming AWE expansion will be released. More precisely, the first 15 minutes of the DLC should be shown during a Twitch live stream.

The live stream starts in the USA at 9am PDT | 7pm EEST. The first game scenes of the second and final expansion of Control are accompanied and commented on by Sam Lake, Remedy Interactive’s Creative Director, Mikael Kasurinen, the Control Director, and Vida Starcevic, Remedy’s Community Manager.

AWE is the abbreviation for Altered World Events in the Control world. Here, paranormal events lead to reality changing itself. AWE connects Control with previous Remedy titles such as Alan Wake or Quantum Break, in which such events are also mentioned.

This is by no means a coincidence, after all, the development studio has always liked to hide small references to older games in their current productions. In the case of Control, however, this will have more far-reaching effects for the first time, as Remedy hereby confirms that several of their games play one universe. The events from Alan Wake, as well as the lore of the title, will be mentioned in the upcoming AWE expansion.

As Remedy’s Sam Lake announced just a few days ago, the studio has long worked to create a large, connected universe that would house several of the team’s games. That Connected Universe will be further expanded in the future because the upcoming title from Remedy Interactive will also be part of it. However, further information on this project is not yet known.


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