Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games also released some new content in Red Dead Online this week. Go on the hunt for the legendary gator and enjoy further discounts and benefits.

Rockstar Games has once again brought a legendary animal into the world of Red Dead Online. Players can now hunt the legendary gator, and they can also make a new coat at Gus. There will also be new content in the catalogue, some discounts and rewards for Prime Gaming members.

The legendary gator was last seen off Saint-Denis, which is why naturalists from rank 5 can deal with the order. Gus will also make a striped coat in his trapper shop if the animal is killed. There are also some rewards at Gus. Officials say: “Craft any coat in Gus’ Store and get a Reward for a Free Vest. And to sweeten the deal, crafting anything in Gus’ Store also gets a Reward for 25 Free Trader Goods. Likewise, craft a trinket in Gus’ Store this week to receive a Reward for a free Poncho.”

In addition, the developers bring the Fernwater coat and the Hopeman vest into the game as time-limited items. At Wheeler, Rawson & Co. you can find the Hopsmere cardigan, the Mitehill pants and new colour variants for the Comstock boots, the Millard boots and the Heideland leg guards.

The naturalists, in turn, receive some discounts such as five gold bars on the animal field manual, the card for legendary animals and the sample equipment. In addition, 30 percent on all items for budding and up-and-coming naturalists as well as on the improved bow.

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The Icahi coat for delivering the skin of the legendary Icahi wild boar to Gus is available from Prime Gaming. In addition, five packs of Nitro-Express ammunition, 50 rounds of stunning ammunition, the Katata coat, five pheromones of legendary animals, 6,000 experience points for naturalists and a wilderness camp will be given away.


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