Nintendo Switch Pro

According to industry insider Dusk Golem, a powerful hardware upgrade for the Nintendo Switch is indeed in the works. The first developers are said to have already started to prepare their games for the Switch Pro model.

In the past few months there has been a persistent rumor that Nintendo has another model of the successful system up its sleeve in addition to the Switch Lite released last year.

Here we are supposed to be dealing with a powerful hardware upgrade, which among other things gives developers and publishers the opportunity to display or offer their Switch titles in 4K resolution. The rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro are currently underpinned by the reliable source insider Dusk Golem, who points out that Nintendo is indeed working on a 4K model of the Switch.

“I know the Switch “Pro” rumors are true, and the reason a lot of Switch games recently have been keeping their frame rate unlocked is to have an easy performance boost on it,” said Dusk Golem but without giving further details about the next hardware revision of the Switch.

Only recently, Bloomberg reported, citing unspecified sources, that the Switch Pro will be tailored to display games in 4K resolution and will be released in the course of the 2021 calendar year. In addition, Nintendo is said to have asked the third-party manufacturers to tailor their games to the new model.

Nintendo itself did not want to comment on the rumors about the Switch Pro so far.

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