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A few years ago there was a big blast on the cloud gaming market. Boosteroid platform was one of the first services that appeared. After the Google Stadia presentation, a lot of companies started to push their solutions. Some of them failed, others began to adapt and improve their product. This is why Boosteroid is in the focus of our attention today. This cloud gaming service was one of the first platforms out there and pushed a web-based technology beyond its limits.

In this article, we will review Boosteroid and compare it to other popular platforms. There are a lot of different features we can discuss. The cloud technology is simple and complicated at the same time and we’ll definitely say a few words about that. 


The easiest way to play games in 2020

The reason why people will always be interested in cloud gaming is progress. We are talking about both gaming alleviation and hardware improvement. Not all gamers can buy a new PC every three or four years. This is where cloud services based on streaming technology can help. The biggest advantage here is that you can run almost every modern AAA-title if your PC can handle a Full HD video playback consistently. 


Like many other services, Boosteroid provides direct access to a remote server (computer). You pay for a high-end power to play games remotely. All your gameplay is just streamed to you as an interactive video. To be honest, there will always be a delay, but modern solutions are making it almost imperceptible.

The difference between cloud platforms becomes visible after the registration. The next step for a user is usually to download an additional app where the gameplay is shown. This is how GeForce NOW or Vortex operates. But there is at least one web-based solution on the market. Boosteroid goes for the direct launch in a browser and significantly simplifies the whole process of gaming. Yes, each technology has its own difficulties, cloud gaming is no exception.

A few things to consider

When it comes to web-based access there is one minor issue you can face: when packet loss appears you’ll lose some frames. If this is the case, we recommend contacting your Internet provider to make sure you have a stable connection which is crucial for smooth experience. There are not so many companies that provide non-app services, but Google Stadia, as a web-based platform, is searching for new solutions too. 

web-based platform

The other big problem is a delay. At least this one can be fixed on the cloud gaming providers’ side. How then? The answer is simple: the providers can deploy server infrastructure close to users. This can fix a latency issue and makes a delay as short as possible.

So yeah, you need to check this basic information about the platform before you buy any subscription. For example, Google Stadia is available in the USA and some European countries, and Boosteroid covers Eastern and Central Europe. If you are a Brazilian player, the only option is to wait until future scaling.

Ready, steady, go

To run your game in the cloud you have to find it in the platform’s library. Why? There is an unstable situation on the market right now. Many cloud platforms can’t let you run every title you want, but there is always a high chance to play Fortnite in browser. 

Okay, you’ve checked your Internet connection, chosen a platform with the closest server, found your favorite games… What’s next? You have to pay (not a joke). Unfortunately, there is no cloud gaming service completely for free right now.

Nvidia provides one-hour free access, but you’ll have to wait in a queue for some time. The biggest problem is that in one hour you’ll be disconnected from your stream and might lose game progress. Even a paid GeForce NOW subscription is limited by a 6-hour session and that is quite sad.

GeForce NOW

Other platforms are trying to find a sort of a neutral field when it comes down to a price. Boosteroid, Google Stadia, Vortex, etc. are circling around $10. The devil is in the details. Boosteroid has a strong advantage here. Yes, its basic plan costs €9.89, but an annual plan is €49.89 which is €4.16 per month. This is the hottest offer on the market right now and it’s not splurge. 

So, now you are prepared for all the difficulties you might face in the future. Be careful when choosing a cloud gaming platform: don’t be afraid to compare services, prices, game availability or even server locations.

Boosteroid has some advantages compared to its competitors, but at the end of the day, there’s no perfect cloud platform. We’ll definitely come back to this topic in the future. Just don’t get us wrong, it seems like this is the right time at least to try a cloud service.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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