With the COVID pandemic sweeping the world this year, it’s no wonder our health has taken a detour.

However, who knew the turn of 2020 would also mean you’d be falling off the workout wagon?

Whether your mental health is at an all-time low or you wish you could finally get in tip top shape, here are three ways to meet your health goals by the end of the year.

#1 Get Moving!

While this tip is a bit obvious, it’s not always easy to execute. While people know that they should move more throughout the day, they don’t always know how to integrate physical activity into their busy lives.

Here are some creative ways to get moving on the daily (no expensive gym membership required):

  • Spend three minutes doing calisthenics during your workday for improved mood and circulation.
  • If you’re still working at an office, use the stairs instead of the elevator or park farther away from work, so you have to walk.
  • Add a standing desk to your WFH setup, so you stay on your feet for the majority of the day (which boosts your mood, metabolism, and posture).
  • If you’re looking for a life-long hobby, invest in a sleek, recumbent tricycle for weekend trail-riding that’s as fun as it is healthy and therapeutic.

#2 Hop on the Salad Train

In this world of vibrant acai bowls and flashy fish dishes, it’s easy for salad to get a bad rap.

However, it’s about time we revive these green wonders into the health giants they really are.

Not all salads are limp piles of papery leaves or calorie-less crunch bowls of sadness. In fact, salads can be packed with flavor, nutrients, and texture! All you need to do is get creative and invest in the right products and ingredients to whip together the perfect meal:

  • Chop up Persian cucumbers, bell peppers, and beets for a salad that’s as crunchy as it is colorful.
  • Don’t be shy with your ingredients—surprise your taste buds with crushed walnuts, chopped avocados, or tangerines.
  • Add an orange pop of color (and some much-needed vitamins) by sprinkling in shredded carrots to the mix.
  • Use a high-quality salad spinner to wash your greens for a crisper, cleaner bite.
  • Instead of seasoning your salad with calorie-dense, pre-made dressings, drizzle on some balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of olive oil, and salt to taste.

A crisp, refreshing salad is the ideal replacement for dense lunch sandwiches or heavy dinner roasts. With the right ingredients and a bit of love, these underestimated wonders are sure to pack a healthy punch.

Salad Train

#3 Wield Your Tech Wisely

It’s become widely known that screens are not great for your health. However, there are ways to use your devices to your advantage.

Here are some ways to “power-up” your health journey by plugging in when you need to (and unplugging when you don’t):

  • Use mobile apps to monitor your sleep and calorie consumption.
  • Check in on your phone pedometer to ensure you’re walking at least 10,000 steps a day.
  • Track your heart rate and other basic health metrics with a smart watch.
  • Turn off your phone and power down the TV at least an hour before bed.
  • Write your health goals out on a piece of paper and paste it to your wall. Snap a picture and save it as your home screen, so you stay motivated both off and on your devices.

By reframing your use of technology in a more positive way, you’ll be well on track to meeting your fitness goals by 2021 (a.k.a, the-year-that-won’t-come-fast-enough).

Health Is About Feeling Good

Becoming healthy is about stepping off the balance, setting realistic goals, and paying attention to how you feel, not how you look. Can you climb stairs a bit easier? Is your mood lighter throughout the day? Can you stay on your feet for longer?

If so, drop that measuring tape and give yourself a pat on the back.

Remember that achieving health is a life-long activity, not a fad diet. Instead of aiming for a bikini body or six-pack abs, embrace the boost of energy you now have thanks to your improved eating and physical activity.

Good luck and get moving!

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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