10 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Use Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions are for companies to manage resources, supply chain distribution, and other operations of a business. ERP solutions integrate a host of applications on a single platform to allow various departments to communicate and collaborate. From HR to finance and inventory, every department has the use of ERP software.

ERP software has various applications. Apart from being used in project management, it is also vital in monitoring sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), managing finances, quality control, planning, etc.


There is various software that offers ERP solutions. MS Dynamics AX is one of them, built in-house by Microsoft. Microsoft boasts about providing software solutions to businesses of all scales. With Microsoft Dynamics, the tech-giant has achieved this.

It is a powerful tool, which is popular in the industry. MS Dynamics AX offers on-premises ERP solutions. However, many prefer using MS Dynamics 365 because it provides cloud functionality, thereby improving the process. Such software solutions provide details across all departments, helps them communicate, and offer flexibility. Hence, it leads to efficient operations. With the cloud, businesses can leverage intelligent solutions and integrate them into their management software. In the long-run, it leads to a satisfied customer, higher sales, and profits.

1. Flexibility

Businesses can integrate the application they require to suit their needs. Since the software is used across departments, organizations can integrate it into their operations seamlessly. MS Dynamics 365 is a popular tool in finance, supply chain, customer services, sales, project management, and other departments.

2. Cost-effective

You can purchase the software on a subscription basis. It saves cost, as you only pay for what you use in a given month. The cost of using services by MS Dynamics 365 is visible on every level. Hence, it can help businesses in determining the cost of using the software over the next six months (or even a year).

In addition to this, Microsoft offers IT and technical assistance to its customers. It can reduce operational costs.

3. Better customer relationship

MS Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 allow companies to collect user data. With this data, businesses can gain insights regarding customer trends and improve their services/products according to customer requirements. Through the help of the software, you can receive live customer feedback as well.

4. Sales performance

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers cloud functionality, you can monitor sales as they happen. Businesses can also efficiently keep track of inventory and keep up with consumer demands. Also, you can monitor what marketing approaches were effective in sales of a product and what strategies were not as effective.

5. Data Management and Visualizations

The ERP software compiles data from across all departments and visualizes data on the dashboard, which makes it easier to comprehend it. The dashboards also offer information at a glance. With MS Dynamic AX, you can back up the data. You can also integrate the software with Microsoft Power BI tools and use its analytical tools to gain valuable insights from data.

6. Efficient processes and operations

Since everything is available on the same software, it makes processes efficient. Moreover, it saves valuable time for your employees. Since everything is available on the cloud, you can access it from any laptop or computer. Hence, you can perform operations anytime and from anywhere.

7. Cloud functionality

With MS Dynamic 365, you don’t require an on-premises server. The cloud offers data storage and processing facilities. It also saves on capital since you don’t have to invest in purchasing the server and maintaining it.

8. Scaling a company’s operations

You can scale the software as your company grows without having to shift to other platforms. Whether it is financial operations or CRM, businesses can scale the software requirement up or down according to the business requirements.

9. Training

With a user-friendly interface, MS Dynamics 365 is easy to use. Hence, you will require less training and fewer resources if you were to shift to the platform.

10. Easier to upgrade

MS Dynamic 365 makes it easier to make upgrades to the ERP software. You don’t have to spend hours updating the ERP software on various devices in your office. Moreover, with regular updates, the software improves its services for users.


With such benefits, MS Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 is becoming an industry standard for businesses and corporations. Not only does the software improve efficiency, but it also makes it easy for departments to cooperate.

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