All Online Bangkok Marketing Strategies Should Include Facebook

Marketing Strategies

If your brand is based in Bangkok, your marketing strategy should include Facebook as one of its facets and a healthy portion of your total marketing budget devoted to the social media giant. Facebook is the most wildly successful social media entity in the country, and any brand that isn’t taking full advantage of its popularity is missing a huge opportunity.

Thailand is home to one of the world’s largest Facebook user groups per capita. With a total population of just under 70-million, Facebook has about 50-million users. This means that well over two-thirds of the country is on Facebook. This also means that the social media platform commands a healthy amount of respect from every brand manager in the capital city for the Bangkok marketing opportunity it offers.


Time Is Right to Switch to Digital Marketing

If you’re a manager for a Bangkok-based brand, the time may never be better to make the switch to a digital marketing and sales platform. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many people to order much of their daily needs from the internet during Thailand’s lockdown, the growth of courier services and delivery companies all across the country has exploded. With Bangkok being one of the most centrally-located cities, this provides your brand with an advantageous position.

Residents of the country are becoming more accustomed to turning to the internet for the majority of their needs. And with the unprecedented expansion of the courier and delivery services, offering a delivery service for your products is becoming increasingly desirable and practical.

By creating an account with any of these Thailand-based delivery companies, you’ve taken the first step on the road to turning your brand’s business model into a digital enterprise. By converting your website so that it supports platforms enabling it to accept orders and financial transactions, you’re more than halfway there.

Partnering with a Bangkok marketing agency that can effectively utilise Facebook to promote your brand across the country is the final step in taking the digital plunge.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising is best handled by an experienced Bangkok marketing agency. The platform uses a bidding system as part of its process. The bidding process takes experience and an ability to analyse data to make the right choices in winning the auctions that are an everyday part of Facebook Ads.

By partnering with an experienced, data-driven marketing agency, you can concentrate on making sure your brand is able to make a seamless transition to the digital marketing platform on the supply and production side of the equation.

An experienced marketing agency in Bangkok can create a Facebook marketing strategy, design relevant and visually appealing ads, engage in Facebook’s bidding system, and adapt your website to your brand’s new capabilities.

They’ll become a valuable partner in your brand’s venture into the future of marketing in Thailand and benefitting from the immense popularity of Facebook in the country as well.

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Rizwan Ahmad

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