Will the Privacy of Mobile Phones Be Seen When Repairing Mobile Phones


Many people have a concern when repairing their mobile phones. Will, the shops repairing their mobile phones and computers see the private contents in your mobile phones or computers? HUAWEI provides a two-year warranty service free of charge. If the user’s mobile phone is broken, go to HUAWEI’s staff to repair it. Will these staffs check the user’s personal information?

To be honest, if it is a big store like HUAWEI, not! But if it is an ordinary small store, it will! Workers who repair mobile phones and computers can see them if they want to! However, people who repair mobile phones and computers do not have this problem at all. As long as your equipment is in their hands, they can browse any information or pictures on your mobile phone or computer.

However, many users have made a mistake, that is, why do the staff of those smartphone stores want to see the privacy of users? Under normal circumstances, the commission for repairing a mobile phone is 1-2 pounds, sometimes even less than 1 pound. Workers have to work more if they want to eat, so they have no time to study users’ privacy. Is it not good to have this time to repair two more mobile phones and earn more money?

When the staff of large companies such as HUAWEI sees users’ data, their first reaction is to skip them directly. Almost 100% of these contents have nothing to do with the fault contents. It is impossible for the staff who want to finish the task quickly to take a look.

If he wants to see it, he must first make a copy of it. Without the user’s attention, they hide in the dead corner of the monitoring. They back it up to the personal computer, and finally, take it home and watch it quietly. Do users think it is cost-effective for the staff to do so? It is not cost-effective. With this spare time, is it not good to repair the next mobile phone?

As for small repair shops, users had better not leave the counter.

Although the staff will not read it under normal circumstances, it is better for users to keep their personal data secret. The most effective and intuitive method is to add a secret to the file. You can buy a hard disk that can be backed up automatically. If the hard disk is broken, you can throw it away without worrying about repairing it and leaking it.

The above is the whole content of this article about whether maintenance personnel will check the user’s privacy. I hope this article can make a vast number of users eliminate the corresponding concerns when repairing mobile phones.


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