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Today, the IT industry is boasting of more than 2.8 million employees and exports are amounting to nearly $70 billion in India. Without any doubt, engineering jobs after B Tech or M Tech are very lucrative and high in demand for the past decade.

As per the NASSCOM-McKinsey report, the global position of India’s IT sector depends on the availability of five critical factors – lots of talent, modern infrastructure, operational skill, favorable business environment, and sustained growth of the domestic sector.

India has all the available resources stated above. So, we thought of sharing information about the best paid B Tech Jobs 2021 here so that you can plan your education or career accordingly.

Best B Tech Jobs in 2021

Check the list of best B Tech jobs in 2021 below:

Data Scientist: It is one of the highest paying jobs in India in 2021 after B Tech or M Tech. The main job of a data scientist is to evaluate data for actionable insights. Across geographies and industries, data scientists are high in demand in today’s world.

Among other analytical skills, data scientists know algorithms, coding, machine learning, data modeling, etc. The average and highest salary scale of data scientists are mentioned in the below table:

Data ScientistsSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary (1-4 years)6.5 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary (More than 10 years of experience)17 lakhs per annum

Big Data Engineer: Big Data Engineer is one of the most promising jobs after B Tech with decent salaries. It is one of the new areas in the field of Information Technology.

Within organizations, Big Data Engineers maintain, develop, evaluate, and test big data solutions. Big Data Engineers manage and build large-scale data processing systems. In the below table, the salary scale of a Big Data Engineer is given:

Big Data EngineerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary7.5 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary15 lakhs per annum

Petroleum Engineer: In India as well as abroad, Petroleum Engineer is paid a good salary package. It is one of the best or highest-paid salaries after B Tech or M Tech in India. Their main job is to acquire crude oil or natural gas from the ground. Below the salary scale of a Petroleum Engineer is given:

Petroleum EngineerSalary in lakhs (Per annum)
Average salary6 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary30 lakhs per annum

Cloud Architect: A Cloud Architect supervises and develops the computing strategy of a company. This strategy organizes cloud management, monitoring, cloud application design, cloud adoption plans. etc. After you complete a B Tech course in India or M Tech, this is one job you can explore. But for that, you will have to study Petroleum Engineering.

A Cloud Architect examines application architecture and deployment in cloud environments which includes private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. The average and highest salary scale of a Cloud Architect is mentioned below:

Cloud ArchitectSalary Package in lakhs (Per annum)
Average salary15 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary50 lakhs per annum

Software Architect: A Software Architect tries to implement technical standards and makes many design choices which include tools, platforms, software coding programs, web services, databases, etc.

In short, it can be said that a Software Architect can develop and design software applications and systems. They are mainly responsible for the expansion of the process of development.

The starting salary of a Software Architect after B Tech or M Tech is around 10 lakhs. The details of the salary scale of a Software Architect is discussed in the below table:

Software ArchitectSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary18 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary30 lakhs per annum

Cybersecurity Specialist: In securing information systems, a Cybersecurity Specialist plays an important role. A Cybersecurity Specialist saves electronic systems, computers, mobile devices, etc from cyber threats like – hacking, viruses, exposure, risks, malware, and other cyber attacks.

They detect, monitor, analyze, investigate, and respond to security events. The cybersecurity specialist has been in high demand in industries like Computer Network Services, Accounting, ITes, Management Consulting. It is one of the highest-paid jobs after B Tech.

Cybersecurity SpecialistSalary Package (Per Annum)
Average salary12 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary20 lakhs per annum

Product Manager: The main role of a Product Manager is to develop the products of organizations. They combine technology, design, and business to innovate a product that is beneficial. The role of a  Product Manager starts from the start of a project and continues till the launch of the project. They assign team members, determine the operative plan, and set deadlines to complete each and every task.

Product ManagerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary16 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary30 lakhs per annum

Blockchain Engineer: A Blockchain Engineer creates and executes digital solutions and architectures for organizations related block chain technology. Without copying, Blockchain technology allows information to be shared and distributed publicly through the internet.

Blockchain is a key department in the fintech sector and can be pursued after a B Tech course in India or M Tech. Blockchain Engineers earn a very good salary.

Blockchain EngineerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary8 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary45 lakhs per annum

DevOps Engineer: DevOps Engineer earns a very high salary. The salary packages go up with years of experience. The main role of a DevOps Engineer is to – introduce tools, processes, and methodologies to balance needs who understand the Software Development life cycle starting from coding and deployment, to maintenance and updates.

A DevOps Engineer builds, tests, deploys, designs, and has the ability to maintain the delivery process. They are also involved in integration using tools like – Git, Jenkins, Unix, and Linux, etc.

DevOps EngineerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary12 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary35 lakhs per annum

Chemical Engineer: B Tech Chemical engineers try to solve problems that involve the use of food, drug, fuel, and many other products by applying the principles of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. They design equipment and processes for large-scale manufacturing.

A chemical engineer uses and applies principles of Chemical Engineering which include the development of technologies like hydrogen power, fuel cells, and nanotechnology. It is one of the highest-paid B Tech jobs in India. The salary structure of Chemical Engineering jobs are given below.

Chemical EngineerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary8 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary30 lakhs per annum

Full-stack Developer: Full-stack Developer is a software expert who works with every stage of development which includes both frontend (client side) and backend (serverside) of an application or website. A B. Tech Full-stack Developer can handle all the work of servers, databases, clients, and system engineering. Full-stack developers know how to work with databases and languages that include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.

Full-stack DeveloperSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary7.5 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary20 lakhs per annum

Artificial Intelligence (Al) Engineer: Artificial Intelligence (Al) Engineering jobs are high-end technical jobs and also one of the highest-paid engineering jobs in India but and abroad. Artificial Intelligence (Al) Engineers work with traditional machine learning techniques that include neural networks and natural language processing.

They mix data science, software development skills, and data engineering to carry out Artificial Intelligence drive the enterprise agenda. Contextual advertisement based on sentiment analysis is the type of application created by Artificial Intelligence (Al) Engineers.

Artificial Intelligence (Al) EngineerSalary Package (Per annum)
Average salary8 lakhs per annum
Highest Salary50 lakhs per annum

So, these are the 12 most trending and in-demand B Tech jobs in India. Hope you had a fair idea and can plan your education or career accordingly. Please like, share, and follow our blogs to stay updated on the latest information on such important topics.

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