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More and more people now gravitate towards professions that allow them to impact people’s lives positively. Instead of just focusing on making money, we now understand the significance of improving our communities and helping the most vulnerable. Only when we work from the bottom-up can we uplift society as a whole. There are numerous career paths you can choose to help improve your communities.

Many of these careers have a dynamic syllabus that teaches you a wide range of topics. This deep understanding allows you to tackle human issues from all angles. A degree in human development and family studies can get you a wide range of job opportunities.

HDFS is a smart degree option these days. A human development and family studies degree entail studying the different stages of human development, including what affects us most. It also entails analyzing the impact of families and how people learn to form relationships. It is just a brief explanation of what a human development and family studies degree involve. Keep reading below for all the reasons why you should choose this degree.

Help Improve Mental Health in your Community

An HDFS degree educates you on a variety of subjects related to human development. Through this degree, you’ll learn about both psychological and physical developmental milestones. An HDFS degree teaches you that growth isn’t something that ends once we enter adulthood. Rather, it’s a lifelong process. You also learn the impact that family structures have on people’s social and emotional development. Furthermore, you study the effects of society on family structures and vice versa.

This degree prepares you to pursue a wide range of professions, which will allow you to improve your community’s mental health. You can work as a substance abuse counselor, family counselor, medical services manager, or family life educator, to name a few.

Online education is gaining immense momentum. It offers flexibility as it allows people to fulfill their other responsibilities and earn a degree side by side. A human development and family studies online degree lets you work in various settings, ranging from non-profit to governmental, private, and in shelters.

These career paths allow you to impact mental health in any vulnerable community you choose positively. With an in-depth knowledge of how families and society interact, you can improve these communities’ mental health and uplift humanity.

Research the Effects of Changing Trends

Family dynamics have changed immensely from what they once used to be. Families are no longer the norm, and most households are single-parent homes. Furthermore, both parents have full schedules even in two-parent households, limiting their time with their kids. Divorce and remarriage rates are also on the rise. Children too have much busier schedules than before.

They stay at school longer and start schooling at a much younger age. It’s evident that the way we socialize has changed immensely, and this has profound effects. With a human development and family studies degree, you can analyze the impact of these familial changes.

You get to work with experts from a wide range of fields and learn from their experience. Through your research, you also get the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships, which are incredibly beneficial to your career.

We often overlook the effects that these changes bring. Still, with a human development and family studies degree, you can change that. Your degree can help shape family dynamics for the better, letting you impact society profoundly.

Improve Personal Relationships

While human development and family studies teach you how you can impact your community, it also helps you in your personal life. Studying family dynamics up close can teach you a great deal about how you need to interact in your personal life. If you have kids, you can learn how to interact with them better and help them reach their developmental milestones.

You can be more mindful of your behavior because you’ll know the impact that your actions and words can have. You can help your children engage in age-appropriate behavior, help them communicate effectively, and prepare them for the lives they need to lead up ahead.

You can also improve your relationships with your parents or your partner. Studying human development isn’t just about children. Instead, you can learn a great deal about aging and prepare for your future—the lifestyle choices you make influence today how you age later in life. Studying human development can help you and your family lead a healthy lifestyle every step of the way.

Spot Behavioral Problems

To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to spot any behavioral problems until they get out of hand, especially in children. What makes this especially dangerous is that manifesting childhood issues can be harder to resolve than those that manifest in adulthood. If you can detect emotional or developmental problems earlier, you pave the way for a better prognosis. A human development and family studies degree prepare you to spot any behavioral issues as early as possible. It can be in the workplace or at home.

You can identify whether any child is struggling with emotional problems and nip the issue in the bud before it worsens. Children have unique ways of expressing themselves and often do so through imagery rather than words. You can also detect cognitive issues much faster. These may manifest in the form of learning difficulties later in life. Whatever the case, you can spot childhood issues and work towards resolving them.

Furthermore, you can also tackle problems that manifest later in life. These can be emotional or physical, and identifying this sooner can again lead to a better prognosis.


Human development and family studies is a degree that can help you not just professionally but in your personal life too. It prepares you to lead healthier relationships and can also let you adapt to changing family dynamics. You can contribute a wealth of knowledge as the world changes and can touch people’s lives in powerful ways. This degree imparts valuable theoretical knowledge alongside giving you hands-on experience.

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