Download Spider-Man Mod for PS4 GTA San Andreas, Released Now

GTA San Andreas

A new version of the Spider-Man mod has been released for PS4 that will allow you to become Spider-Man in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Yes, Modder ‘J16D’ has released a new 1.9 version of his PS4 Spider-Man mod for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This mod allows you to play as Spider-Man in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and explore the city of GTA San Andreas in different ways.

Since the mod has received a new 1.9 beta version, it also includes new animations, Main Menu, and a new HUD that are based on Spider-Man PS4. You can find the full new features added to the Spider-Man Mod Grand Theft Auto San Andreas below.


Spider-Man Mod New Features

  • Main Menu based on Spider-Man PS4
  • Music ambient, different music for each case.
  • Four Different events (Car chase, Back pack, Thug Hideouts, Street Crimes)
  • Webstrike & Webstrike takedown
  • New Fight system (Combo x4 & Air combo)
  • New Animations based on Spider-Man PS4
  • New Hud based on Spider-Man PS4, integrated in this mod.
  • Dodge feature
  • Life regeneration
  • Level control to unlock skins
  • Web Zip
  • New Gadgets (8 in total)
  • New Suit Powers (12 in total)
  • Added the ability to enable/disable skills
  • New map locations (Hideouts & Avenger Tower)

You can download the Spider-Man Mod v1.9 Beta build for PS4 GTA San Andreas from here.

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