Is it Worth Studying Business Degrees in Berlin?

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The capital of Germany, Berlin, is popular for its rich history, thriving culture and robust economy. Berlin comprises top business schools in the world, making it an attraction for a large number of international students. Every year a large chunk of students lands in Germany’s Berlin to pursue business degrees.

In the last three decades, Berlin has witnessed a surge in international students. Education policy, lower tuition fees, and a high standard of living have attracted students to live and work in Germany post-study. An aspiring business student can click here to explore the best business school in the town.


Why studying business degrees in Berlin is completely worth it?

Berlin has several top-ranked and prestigious business schools that offer internationally recognized business degrees. The degree achieved at top business schools of Berlin makes you employable on a global scale. Additionally, Berlin is home to several Multinational Companies (MNCs). The 18-month post-study visa helps students find a relevant job and contribute significantly to the thriving economy of Berlin.

Furthermore, colleges and universities in Berlin offer business degrees with a specialization in various fields. Students are also allowed to do a part-time job alongside their studies for extra pocket money. However, the cost of living is relatively low in Berlin as compared to other European nations. Students also have various perks of studying in Berlin, such as discounts in libraries and several departmental stores. Apart from this, students also get free access to travel across the city.

As Berlin is an attraction to international students from diverse backgrounds, it presents a golden opportunity for cultural immersion. Interaction among students helps them to come across business policies of different countries and opens broad job prospects worldwide.

Let us take a quick look at the factors making Berlin a perfect place to study business degrees.

  • Seasoned tutors: As the city is the hub of several national as well as international companies, tutors here are pretty experienced.
  • High-quality education: Business schools maintain a high standard of education and the course modules are industry-focused.
  • Language of study: Business schools offer course materials in both German and English language for the comfort of both EU and Non-EU students.
  • Vast career opportunities: Several big product and service-based companies hire students after their studies and pay them better remuneration for their work.

Without giving it a second thought, apply to a business programme of your interest today and get a chance to work in a progressive country.

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