Pappy Van Poodle

If you have played Rusty’s Real Deal baseball game then you must have met with the title cute Pappy Van Poodle. Didn’t you? well if you don’t really know who is actually Pappy Van Poodle and when he makes his appearence in the game the here I will be talking about this all in this post today.

Who is Pappy Van Poodle?

Below is everything you need to know about Pappy Van Poodle

Pappy Van Poodle is a character of Rusty’s Real Deal baseball, a free to play baseball video game. Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball game was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game released in Japan in August 2013 and in North America in April 2014.

Pappy Van Poodle is also known for being Rusty Slugger’s old mentor. Rusty Slugger is one of the main charectors in the Rusty’s Real Deal baseball game. Coming back to the Pappy Van Poodle, he usually appears in the game when you as player don’t give Rusty the items he needed to progress the story of the game.

When and Who Discovred Pappy Van Poodle?

Accordting to the sources, Pappy Van Poodle first discovered by the YouTuber Nick Robinson 6 years after the Rusty’s Real Deal baseball game released.

Nick also has a dedicated vdieo on his YouTube channel where he dicribes how he found Pappy Van Poodle by accident. You can see the video below.

Notably, the Japanese version of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball” game features Pappy Van Poodle with the name Inuzō Toipū, with a different outfit and backstory.

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