If you have been a Destiny 2 player then you must have heard about the Xur Agent of the Nine. Xur is a mysterious vendor or merchant who appears every Friday in Destiny 2 and then disappears again. Xur appears in the wilds of Destiny 2 and he is better known for selling Exotic items and gears to players.

But, the problem with him is that his location keeps changing every week that makes it really hard to find Xur’s exact location. So there is always a question ”Where is Xur? and How to Find him for Destiny 2”.

On every Friday there are several reports on where Xur will appear this week. As we all know, Destiny 2 Xur makes its appearance at the daily reset at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET each Friday. His last location in Destiny 2 on May 28 was marked on the map at EDZ.

Where is Xur? How to Find Xur’s Location This Week in Destiny 2

Here is how you can find Xur location this wek in Destiny 2.

Now, how would you find Xur, if you don’t know where Xur will be this Friday and where to find him? Well, there is an app called ”Where is Xur? for Destiny 2”. The app is available for both Android and iOS which you can use to track Xur location every week.

The app comes with a very simple-to-use interface that not only helps you find Xur’s location but also lets you see what exotic items and gears Xur has to offer this week. Below you can find the main key features of the Where is Xur? for Destiny 2 app.

  • Location on a Map: Find out Xur’s exact location on a detailed map.
  • Weapon & Armor Details: See all the stats and perks of a weapon or armor in detail.
  • Weapon & Armor Ratings and Reviews: Give ratings to exotic items and write reviews on them. Check what the Destiny community thinks about a specific exotic and decide to buy it or not accordingly.
  • Guardian Wishlist: The classic feature is back and better than ever! You can now see the votes being cast in real-time and see the percentages for all items; not just the item with the most votes.
  • Best Exotics: See all the exotics ordered according to their community rating.
  • Exotic Armory: Check the details of all the potential loot Xur can bring. Rate & review them to show your love or dislike!
  • Archive: Check what Xur has brought in previous weeks in an orderly fashion. Instantly see how many times a particular exotic item is brought by Xur. Archive starts with Forsaken release.
  • Custom Notifications: Get notifications for Xur’s arrival and departure.

Where is Xur

When exactly does Xur arrive and when does he leave?

According to the app description, Xur arrives at 5:00 PM GMT (UTC) on Fridays and leaves at 5:00 PM GMT (UTC) on Tuesdays.

You can automatically see when Xur will arrive in your local timezone within the app.

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