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Game Space app was first introduced by OnePlus with Android Q beta. Game Space app lets you manage your games smartly. It also optimizes games on your Android device for a better gaming experience and also lets you tweek some gaming-related settings on your phone.

Not only, OnePlus, other popular smartphone manufacturers like Oppo and Realme also have their own version of the Game Space app. But, since we are talking about how you can download Game Space apk on Realme devices, we will only stick to that.

The Game Space app comes pre-installed with all the latest Realme smartphones running on the Realme UI based on Android 10. But, in case, if you have accidentally uninstalled the Game Space app on your device then the only option you have to get it back is by downloading the Game Space apk file on your device.

The Game Space Apk was first released by one of the Realme moderators on the Realme forum. If you are looking for the Game Space Apk for your Realme device then below we have compiled a list of all the Game Space apk files to download.

Download Game Space Apk for Realme Devices

Simply go through the links below to download the Game Space APK files attached as a ZIP on your Realme smartphone and unzip them. Then, install the apk and enjoy the missing game space on your device.

You can download Game Space APK for the following Realme UI/Android 10 updated devices:

  1. Game Space Apk for realme 3 Pro
  2. Game Space Apk for realme XT
  3. Game Space Apk for realme 5 Pro
  4. Game Space Apk for realme X
  5. Game Space Apk for realme X2
  6. Game Space Apk for realme X2 Pro
  7. Game Space Apk for realme 6
  8. Game Space Apk for realme 6 Pro
  9. Game Space Apk for realme 3 & realme 3i
  10. Game Space Apk for realme 5, realme 5i and realme 5s
  11. Game Space Apk for realme Narzo 10 and realme Narzo 10A
  12. Game Space Apk for realme 2 Pro
  13. Game Space Apk for realme X3
  14. Game Space Apk for realme 6i
  15. Game Space Apk for realme 7i
  16. Game Space Apk for realme 7 and realme narzo 20 Pro
  17. Game Space Apk for realme 7 Pro
  18. Game Space Apk for realme C11, realme C12 and realme C15
  19. Game Space Apk for realme C15 Qualcomm Edition
  20. Game Space Apk for realme narzo 20
  21. Game Space Apk for realme narzo 20A
  22. Game Space Apk for realme C25

You can download the Game Space APK file for all the Realme smartphones listed above from here. Go through the list of phones on the page and select the apk file for your phone from the list.

If you are using any other Realme device which is not listed above then we would recommend you do not download or install the Game Space APK on your device, as the apk file we have mentioned here will only work on the above-listed Realme phones.

Download Game Space New Update 12.1.11 Apk

Below you can download the latest Realme Game Space update 12.2.11 apk file for Realme Devices Running Realme UI 2.0 or Later & Android 11.

Game Space

Version – 12.1.11
Type – Stable
Compatible – Realme UI 2.0 & Android 11
Region – Global/Indian

Download Link

Game Space Version 12.1.11 New Features

Adds Support for Voice Change, 4D Vibration, and Photo Enhancement.

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