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Developer Psyonix today released the latest Rocket League v2.01 season 4 update patch notes. As per the latest patch notes, it marks the start of the Rocket League season 4 that kicks off on August 11 at 8:00 a.m. PDT (3:00 p.m. UTC).

Rocket League v2.01 Season 4 Update Patch Notes

The new Rocket League v2.01 season 4 update patch notes add the following changes in the game.

  • Streamer safe music functionality added
  • Introducing penalties for players who quit Casual Playlist games early
  • Added undersized party rank restrictions
  • Player to player trading improvements

Streamer Safe Music Functionality

Streamer Safe music allows you to play Rocket League’s included music tracks without worrying about DMCA violations while streaming or recording, so we think this is a good move from the dev.

How to Enable Streamer Safe Music Functionality in Rocket League?

Players can find and enable the Streamer Safe Music under Rocket League’s > Settings > Audio. Once enabled, Rocket League will remove or replace any tracks that may lead to a DMCA violation.

Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists

The latest Rocket League v2.01 patch notes also add Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists. The dev says that it’s similar to the matchmaking bans for Competitive Playlists. Players who leave Casual Playlist matches early may be subject to a short matchmaking ban. Leaving a single match per day won’t result in a penalty, but repeatedly quitting escalates the length of the ban.

There are seven ban levels for Casual Playlists:

  • First – 0 Minutes
  • Second – 5 Minutes
  • Third – 10 Minutes
  • Fourth – 20 Minutes
  • Fifth – 40 Minutes
  • Sixth – 1 hour
  • Seventh or more – 2 hours

Game Ban Messaging

The latest update also adds Game Ban Messaging that will inform players if their account is close to a permanent ban.

The update further adds Undersized Party Rank Restrictions and Player to Player Trading Updates.

The latest update also adds Tactical Rumble as a Rumble Mutator in Private Matches and also adds several bug fixes to the game which you can find below.

  • Fixed appearance of trim on Octane when using Linares, Nooo! Decals
  • [PC] Fixed a crash when loading into Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
  • Fixed appearance of several Trails when previewed in the Garage
  • Fixed appearance of grass near player’s car on Forbidden Temple (Day)
  • Fixed appearance (inconsistent lighting) for Visionary Wheels
  • A loud, quick beat of music heard at game startup has been removed
  • Fixed players logging in as Player 1 instead of their normal account
  • Fixed matches not counting as completed when leaving a match during the final replay
  • FPS improvements to some Arenas
  • Fixed players logging on, receiving a “Syncing Failed” message, and missing their inventory
  • Fixed players crashing upon loading into Utopia Coliseum

The full detailed Rocket League v2.01 patch notes can be found here. Rocket League is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, macOS, Microsoft Windows 10 PC.

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