We get our first glimpse at Gigabyte AORUS Z690 Motherboards according to a leak from the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) (via @momomo us). This portfolio will feature motherboards that handle either DDR4 or DDR5 memory, allowing customers to select which memory standard they want.

Hardware aficionados have been discussing the memory performance of Alder Lake in recent months, with some suggesting that DDR4 may provide gamers higher framerates than DDR5 in some cases. Early DDR5 memory modules are likely to have lower latencies than high-spec DDR4 memory modules, giving DDR4 users a performance edge while gaming on Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs. When Alder Lake debuts, this notion will be put to the test. There are also fears that DDR5 memory modules will be prohibitively costly when they are released.

The EEC has a significant number of Gigabyte and Aorus motherboards listed, many of which support DDR5 and DDR4 SKUs. DDR4-based motherboards will be found at the bottom of the Gigabyte/Aorus Z690 product stack, with models such as the Aorus Elite, Aorus Pro, and Aorus Elite AX available in both DDR5 and DDR4 configurations.

GIGABYTE’s whole first salvo of Z690 motherboards for Intel’s forthcoming 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” CPUs has been revealed by the EEC. The Z690 AORUS EXTREME and AORUS MASTER are premium flagship AORUS models, while the Z690 UD (Ultra Durable) and Z690 AERO G are more popular alternatives. The motherboards will be available in November 2021, along with Intel’s newest desktop processors.

The list appears to confirm the notion that just a few motherboards will be able to support DDR5, the newest and best memory. According to the naming conventions, at least 10 of the motherboards appear to be limited to DDR4 exclusively.

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