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Almost every traveler has probably thought about picking up a rental car for his road trip. Yes, it’s very convenient to rent a car for a weekend or even a whole vacation. For example, you take minivan rental Atlanta Airport and go on an exciting adventure around Georgia. You admire beautiful views from the window and can independently plan where to go and what to see. After all, a rental car makes this possible. 

However, despite the clear advantages of road trips, many travelers continue to use public transport and don’t understand what pleasure they are giving up. So if you have long dreamed of renting a car and enjoying a road trip, here are some good reasons to do it as soon as possible…

You have personal space 

A car is a place where you and your fellow travelers can talk, sing, listen to music at full volume, eat and even sleep. No conversations with strangers, no touching, and no intrusions into personal space.

During the trip, the car will become your home, where you can regulate the temperature in the cabin, the softness of the seat, and generally decide what to do and where to go. Just start the engine and enjoy the ride.

You lead your journey 

With such types of transport as planes, trains, ferries, and buses, you follow a set schedule. This entails too early departures, unexpected delays, annoying stops, and sometimes swearing when trying to take your seat. 

When traveling by car, you can think over a route, make a road playlist, and schedule stops. You may be surprised, but you can start resting already when planning your trip. Use the TripAdvisor or Roadtrippers app to help you find points of interest, as well as the best spots to rest and eat. If you want to always know the right road, download the app. We also recommend taking the additional driver option to have someone replace you at the wheel.

You can visit hard-to-reach places 

Visiting hard-to-reach places is another reason to organize the USA road trip. The map of America contains many places that you can only reach by car because there’s no public transport going there. For example, Petrified Forest National Park, Death Valley, Antelope Canyon, and thousands of other destinations in the United States are reachable only with your own transport.

You save your budget 

Traveling by car collectively can be much cheaper than traveling by plane, train, or bus. This is especially true when it comes to a big family trip or a road adventure with friends. The main road trip costs include car rental, insurance, and fuel. And if you split the expenses for 4 or 5 people, then your trip will be super-budget. Plus, you can make your trip even less costly by bringing tents, food, and cooking utensils with you. The trunk of a car can easily accommodate all the necessary equipment.

You save time 

A plane is the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately, this only works for very long distances. If your destination is only 100, 200, or 300 miles away, it will be faster for you to rent a car to get there on 4 wheels. After all, check-in for a flight, baggage claim, and other airport processes significantly increase the total time you spend on the trip. 

And if you compare a car and a bus as a way of transportation, then it will be even easier to make the right choice. The car allows you to get to the desired place much faster, regardless of the total distance.

You can take whatever you want 

The amount of baggage that you may take on a trip depends only on the size of your car. You never know what may come in handy on the road, so you can grab even what you may not need. All-weather clothing, food, a stove, tents, camping equipment, or even a bicycle – the trunk of your car allows you to easily accommodate it all. The most convenient thing is that you will have everything at hand. Just remember to properly organize the space in the trunk and provide easy access to each bag.

You can stop anywhere 

Imagine driving along the Pacific Coast Highway by bus and wanting to take some incredible photos. It will be difficult for you to do this on the go. At the same time, the driver won’t stop the bus, because his goal is to quickly take you to the final point. 

A road trip gives you the best opportunity to explore interesting places at your own pace. So you can stop wherever you want if you are traveling by car.

You have a place to stay

A car is not only a means of transportation but also a roof over your head. The fact is that you can’t always accurately plan a place to spend the night. So why not use a car for this? You just need to find a place suitable for overnight parking. This could be a parking lot near a supermarket, gas station, or a campsite in a national park.

You add some spontaneity

Landscapes are constantly changing even when traveling between neighboring cities. A road trip will allow you to see many beautiful spots along the way. Decided to stop and take a photo? No problem! Want to turn off the road to a picturesque lake? You’re welcome! 

In addition, if you learned about some interesting sights, you may change the route and visit them. Probably, the opportunity to bring spontaneity to the trip is another reason to travel by car.

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