Interesting Statistical Facts About Social Media in 2021

Social Media

In the era of constant emergence of new services and the rapid development of technologies, we do not always have time to follow global statistics. Today we have prepared interesting numbers for you that you probably wanted to know for a long time. We hope you finish reading this article so you don’t miss out on exciting facts.

TOP social networks

Today, every inhabitant of our planet has access to many services. For every taste: for work, for communicating with friends, for travel, for entertainment. Each region and country is developing its own networks. The invariable leaders in terms of the number of active users are:

  1. Facebook is the leader
  2. YouTube 
  3. WhatsApp 
  4. FB Messenger 
  5. WeChat 

It is surprising that we do not see Instagram here despite the fact that it is one of the main platforms for publishing content worldwide. Unfortunately, bloggers still have to buy Instagram followers cheap to keep their audience.

However, even considering that users of Instagram, for example, view their news feed every day, content makers sometimes buy Instagram followers. They really lack audience engagement.

All networks provide data on the growth of the number of active users per month or MAU, rather than the number of all accounts, since this data is more accurate for measuring actual use and coverage of territories.

Advertising revenue won’t grow at the same rate

Unfortunately, networks looking to expand into developing countries will receive much less ad revenue per user. Hence, getting the maximum number of users is critical to generating revenue.

Such a rule should not negatively affect the income of services, because in such countries there is usually a very large population and a high birth rate. Therefore, if various platforms penetrate there, then most likely they will successfully develop there.

How many social media accounts does a user create?

According to the Global Web Index, the average number of social media accounts for Millennials or Gen Z worldwide is 8.8, up 83.33% from 4.8 in 2014. A study of 46 countries of Internet users aged 16 to 64 shows that Japan is in last place with the lowest average number of accounts at 3.8; in first place is India – 11.5 accounts on average per person.

The average number of accounts per person is 8.8 in 2020. And the growth in the number of accounts per person was 83.33%: from 4.8 accounts per person in 2014 to 8.8 in 2020.


2021 is a turning point, when the entire population of our planet was divided into two equal parts: those who still do not use different services and those who use new communication technologies. The numbers indicate to us that over the next decade, smartphones will become the main place of communication for people.

Social networks are seeing a growth horizon in developing countries with billions of new users registered. There is now a steady increase in the use of the Internet and smartphones, largely due to the growth of media in some developing countries or region

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