How To Develop An Online Video Game Application

Video Game Application

There are several steps for developing an online video game application. In today’s gaming industry, anyone can get started making and developing an application. The number of available development tools and resources are increasingly available.

In fact, designing and launching video games has never been easier. Each video game incorporates artistic mediums, animation, programs and infrastructure. As a developer, you must utilize the latest tools and platforms to create your application.


This way, you can navigate the complicated development process with ease. After all, just like common mistakes when playing video games, there are plenty of errors you can accidentally make throughout the build process.

Follow these steps to develop an online video game application. 

Create An Idea

First, you need to create an application idea. Come up with several game concepts and pick which one you want to develop. Then, explore various genres, game types and models to see what is in demand. Of course, you can use this exploration to trigger further ideas for your application.

For example, if you want to create a zombie fighting game, look at other apocalyptic-related programs. View their program for ideas on resolution, quality, animation, and music. Finally, you can start deciding on potential features and mechanics. Certainly, to develop an online video game application, you need to create an idea.

Choose The Right Tools

Secondly, choose the right tools to develop your online video game application. You need the right software, resources and solutions to create your program. For example, use JFrog to begin your software development life cycle (SDLC). You can access multiple secure and highly available Docker registries. Use a Docker registry to manage development, optimize distribution, and conduct artifact flow control.

Also, you can use a local repository as your private registry. As a result, you can access all application Docker images across any device from a single URL with a fine-grained access control. Surely, choose the right tools to help you develop your online video game application. 

Begin Programming

Now it’s time to begin programming your application. Take your concept and create it using a game design document. This document will provide details for creating level designs, game mechanics and game themes. More so, you will learn how to develop plot points, story details, and character biographies. By coding as the design document states, your game will start to take shape.

Then, after coding the basics and technologies of the game, it’s time to integrate audio. For example, include music and character dialogues. Of course, you will need to code the characters to match with the dialogue audio. Certainly, follow a game design document to program and develop your online video game application. 

Test The Game

Next, you need to test your online video game app. Test the game to discover any errors, complications or coding issues. For example, confirm your characters are behaving correctly. Ensure they are successfully following the game plot and that they can defeat their enemies.

Of course, make sure that each platform can be reached as wanted. As a result, areas of the video game can be closed off until the player finishes other tasks. If there are any issues, go back to the programming stage.

Fix the issues and test it again. While this may take a while to perfect, your results will be a much more successful, fun and playable application. 

Market Your Product

Finally, you need to market your online video game application. Create a draft of your game on all platforms you plan on using for distribution. Ensure the game works before you start to network. You can network your application by doing an email game press or by showcasing your game at festivals and conferences.

Find emails through social media, Google or platform “About” pages. Of course, only email creators or writers that cover your targeted genre/platform.

Additionally, you can attend summer gaming events. You could win awards or professional recognition which could help advertise your app further. More so, you can attend conferences and give out business cards or other documents that expose your game. To finish developing your online video game application, you need to market your product.

There are several steps you should follow to develop an online video game application. First, generate an idea before you begin developing. Secondly, choose the right tools to simplify the app development process. Now, you need to begin programming using a game design document that explains how to code features and mechanics.

Next, you need to test your game to identify any coding bugs, character complications or plot discrepancies. Finally, market your product through an email press, a festival or a conference. Follow these steps to develop an online video game application.

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