Purple Yam Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom – Everything You Need to Know

Purple Yam Cookie

The Purple Yam Cookie, also known as the Yam Cookie or the Yam Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, is an item used in the game to eliminate your rivals on each level of the game. The purple yam cookie removes your opponents by making them lose their turns, which makes them fail in their attempt to reach the cookie jar and win the game. How do you get the Purple Yam Cookie? Where can you use it? What are its other benefits? Check out this article to find out all you need to know about this purple yam cookie!

About Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a casual game that puts an interesting twist on match 3 games. Cookie Run is one of those simple and fun games that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. In addition, they added new features such as Cookie Town, Story Mode, multi-player mode, and more. The guide that really makes it unique is that it’s not just another matching game like Candy Crush Saga. As with all match 3 puzzle games, you will have different objectives while trying to reach high scores.


How to Collect Purple Yam Cookies

Keep playing Cookie Run! The more stages you complete, the better your chances are of collecting Purple Yam Cookies. In order to unlock Purple Yam Cookies as a reward for completing a stage, there are four main requirements:

You must choose Plank as your character. The stage must have at least one level of difficulty over 3. You must collect 100 cookies per level (in total). You don’t get any more purple yam cookies for completing levels above 5 difficulties.

About Purple Yam Cookies

Purple yam cookies are Cookie Run Kingdom’s newest additions. This purple yam cookie is a common ingredient in Asian desserts and has many nutritional benefits. There are two other types of Purple yam cookies, but their effects on gameplay remain unknown until further tests are done.

The rarest purple yam cookie is known as Bubble Gum flavored. It is unknown how many kinds of each cookie exist or where they can be found.

Benefits of Purple Yam Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Purple yam cookies provide a wide variety of health benefits that make them one of the most popular items in Cookie Run. The purple yam will replenish 20% more energy, reduce 10% cooldown time, and increase your sprint speed by 0.6x.

But before diving into these impressive stats, it’s important to understand what exactly Purple Yams are and why they are beneficial for each cookie on your gameboard.

Tips for Getting Good at Playing Cookie Run

It’s All About Patience: If you want to learn how to get good at playing Cookie Run, patience is a crucial part of that process. This game doesn’t have a tutorial, so if you’re like me and tried jumping into it not knowing what I was doing, there was some frustration involved (especially when my cookies kept getting eaten and I wanted them back!).

The best thing I learned while figuring out how to play is that there are no set steps or rules.

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