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Adobe Photoshop turns 28 on 19th  February 2018. It is the go-to point for most professional designers to get the most of image rendering and graphics designing. But people who avoid leaving their browsers are blessed with multiple online tools that can work as an alternative to the functionalities photoshop provides. Though online Photoshop editor can become a great tool for basic tweaks, some users still look for more feature-rich replacements.

Here are 5 best online alternatives for Adobe Photoshop:


Pixlr provides similar features, layouts and keyboard shortcuts to that of Photoshop. It supports multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and many Web-based browsers. The key features of the application are selection tools, text overlays, resizing, layerings, Red-eye removals, teeth-whitener, and many other filters and effects.


Pixlr supports several file formats including BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG. It accepts files formatted in Photoshop i.e. PSD and creates its own format PXD. The software is free for use.


Photopea has the advantage of being compatible with PSD files and is loaded with advanced tools. Unlike Pixlr, Photopea can export files in Photoshop PSD files’ format which is a rare and extremely useful feature.

The app is created as an HTML5 web app so it will run in modern web browsers without the need of any plugin. It has an interface similar to the open-source desktop photo editor GIMP (GNU image manipulation program). This eases up the experience with recognizable menus, tools where you can work with several images simultaneously.


This Web-based application supports BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG file formats. The key features include Brushes, Text overlays, Gradients, Pencils and other editing and formatting tools. The application is lightweight hence lacks in performance as compared to Photoshop. The web-app is flash-based, so users will need to download the relevant plugins and grant it access to function in your browser.

The app provides a huge choice of highly customizable brushes that are adjustable in size, orientation, and gravity. It also offers other features such as random rotation, smoothing, and wet edges. This helps designers to create realistic paint effects. It is a free application along with a premium version available at $4/month.


Polarr offers a wide variety of editing and rendering features.It is available as a premium desktop tool and a free web app. However ‘Express’, the web version has some limitations the ‘Pro’ software version matches all the user requirements.

The tools available by Polarr are Adjustments: curves, levels, and warping, brushes and masking, face manipulation (identifying people and enhancing their features), filters, text, lines and shapes, and cropping.

The app offers a ‘guide’ section which is a step-by-step tutorial for new designing enthusiasts along with a history panel to undo your mistakes. Polarr entertains multiple formats like JPG, TIFF or PNG format. It lets you apply your own watermark, decide the quality or resolution of your image and resize the image. The premium version also provides options for batch exporting and saving your presets.

These online options will give you faster rendering on the go without worrying about the specifications of your system or be buying expensive tools for your rendering and designing.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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